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Globalization and the Future for Accounting

After earning your online Bachelor of Science in Accounting, you will enter a dynamic and growing workforce. One important trend having a unique impact on the industry is globalization. Here’s why: The Role of Accounting Practices in Globalization Small-to-medium sized practices (SMPs) play an integral role in the globalization of small-to-medium-sized enterprise. Especially important in […]

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Virtual Team Leadership: The Highs & Lows of Leading a Team Remotely

As you work toward your Master of Business Administration degree online, you know better than anyone the value and viability of a system of working on your own time, at your own pace, from your home. The Internet Initiates Change The internet has made advancing your education more convenient by leading to the development of […]

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Accounting Tools for the Digital Age

If you’re looking to get your accounting degree online, the fundamentals of accounting aren’t the only things you have to learn. Check out UAB’s infographic about important accounting tools.

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Which Degree Program? Information Systems vs. Computer Science

When considering the advantages of an Information Systems (IS) degree versus a Computer Science (CS degree), there are many factors to examine…

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The Benefits of Competition

Many companies may see competition as a hindrance that threatens to reduce their customer base. They forget that in the business world…

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Damaging Data Breaches

With the growth of social media, online businesses and payment technologies, data breaches have seemingly become commonplace. From Nasdaq to Michaels, some of the biggest companies have been breached.

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Best Jobs in America

As you look to advance your career with a business degree online, it can be valuable to know what industries are growing. With industry growth comes job growth – and career opportunities for you.

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Elon Musk vs New Jersey

One of the most important aspects of getting your business degree online is learning from those who came before you – those successful figures who serve as important role models.

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Promoting data security in the workplace

No matter the workplace, data security is often a top concern for management professionals. Security breaches can end up threatening the livelihood of employees and entire companies alike, depending on how severe they are.

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The future of mobile application

The Future of Mobile Application As the number of people who own and use cell phones continues to grow, so does the use of smart phones. 91% of the US adult population currently owns a cell phone and of that 91%, 61% are smartphones.

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Money Grows on Degrees

If you’re considering getting your degree online but haven’t yet picked a specialization, it can be helpful to gain insight into what the future might hold.

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The Science Behind Google

An online Master’s degree in Management Information Systems will give you insight into the intricate inner workings of today’s digital technologies. With you in mind, we’ve created the infographic below. Learn the secrets behind search engines – how they work and how they have evolved: Add This Infographic to Your Site University of Alabama at […]

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Breaking Down the New Microsoft

Your Master’s degree in Management Information Systems means you spend a great deal of your time with technology. Chances are, you are working with either an Apple or a Microsoft device (or software).

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Candy Crushed – a breakdown of a busted IPO

The start of the 2015 IPO season has been relatively lackluster, following a year of ups and downs in the market. 2014 saw the busted IPO of Candy Crush maker King Digital Entertainment. If you’re interested in getting your accounting degree online, understanding what makes an IPO successful is important.

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The IT skills gap

Did you know that the largest percentage of citizen developers are between the ages of 18 and 29? The IT skills gap is an issue you will certainly confront as you work toward your information systems management degree.

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Big Data for Small Business

Getting your Online Master of Management in Information Systems means understanding the impact of data on business. In our latest infographic, we uncover the positive impact Big Data can have on Small Businesses: Add This Infographic to Your Site University of Alabama at Birmingham Online

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Mis Security Infographic

As businesses large and small become more dependent on electronic data, a major focus has shifted towards information security.  Businesses are investing more than ever to protect themselves from dozens of security threats, from malware infections to financial fraud.

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Entrepreneurs and social media

According to research by Dr. Molly Wasko and Carlene Cassidy of The UAB Collat School of Business, many business owners are hesitant to jump onto the social media bandwagon. As you work toward your online business degree, you’ll come to understand the overall importance of social networks to business success. Our latest infographic sheds light […]

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