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All About Marketing - Careers, Opportunities and Interests for the Marketing Degree Holder

Earning a marketing degree online is the first step toward building a career within an industry that can be extremely lucrative. For example, marketing managers throughout the U.S. earn an average salary of more than $119,000, which places them above several other management roles. In fact, the annual Best Jobs in Business report ranks marketing management in the top 10. General marketing management isn’t the only option – there is also a diverse selection of other marketing jobs available to fit your experience level and interests.

Marketing Career Options

Individuals who have a marketing degree will be viewed as viable candidates for a variety of different careers. For example, if you are a “big picture” type of person, you could choose to dedicate your focus to joining a marketing team. However, there are also several smaller factions of marketing that serve a very specific role, including advertising, brand management, market research and public relations.

The Future of Marketing

Marketing is one of the few industries that are virtually guaranteed to be necessary for the foreseeable future. After all, we live in a consumer driven society that relies heavily upon convincing individuals to make purchasing decisions. Without marketing, it would be extremely difficult for companies of all sizes to reach out to new consumers and retain existing ones. The specific needs of each subsection of marketing will continue to evolve as digital techniques become ever more advanced.

Is Marketing the Right Choice for Me?

Your interests and personality will play a major role in determining whether or not pursuing a career in marketing is a good choice. Most people who become successful in this industry are creative, have a positive outlook and place a major emphasis on integrity and ethics. Additionally, it is important to be willing to push the envelope, to have a strong desire to excel and to be characterized as dependable, consistent and reliable. If you have any combination of these personality traits, you should definitely strongly consider marketing.

Obtaining the Proper Education

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing will give you the perspective and in-depth knowledge of marketing fundamentals necessary for any marketing position. Learn more at!

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