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4 Cool Jobs an Information Systems Degree Can Open Up

Technology-driven fields are growing at an astounding rate due to our increasingly technological society. However, you might be surprised by some of the interesting jobs available to those with an Information Systems degree, jobs that consistently report competitive salaries and high job satisfaction.

The fields of information systems and information technology are quite similar, but information systems predates information technology, and information systems is much broader. IS includes all systems that store and transmit information, including technological and non-technological systems. IS degrees might include classes in social science and information theory as well as technology. Conversely, information technology degrees usually focus more directly on the implementation and management of modern computer systems. Here are four interesting jobs that an information systems degree can open up for you.

1. Information Systems Manager

As an Information Systems Manager, you would take a look at the total information needs of an organization and determine the best way to meet those needs. This could include choosing computer systems, setting up an internal network, or streamlining traditional mailing campaigns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an Information Systems Manager is around $120,000, so it’s a fun and lucrative career.

2. Systems Analyst at a Major University

With an Information Systems degree, you can help keep America’s best known universities running smoothly. Most universities hire Systems Analysts to collaborate with administration and faculty and serve as a liaison with global campuses. A Systems Analyst has to be able to think outside normal parameters and find solutions to problems in a creative and efficient way. The Association for Information Systems reports that Systems Analyst is the most common job placement for an information systems graduate.

3. Information Architect

Another interesting job in information systems is that of an Information Architect. An Information Architect is someone who codifies all the information in a given building, website, network, or organization. An Information Architect makes sure that information is ergonomic and user friendly. This could mean making sure that the signs in a company’s building are well placed and readable or making sure that a company’s website is intuitive. Having a wide range of responsibilities and projects means you can always work on something new.

4. Librarian

Gone are the dusty card catalogs from the libraries of yesterday. Today’s libraries have a huge mix of information systems including computers, microfilm, compact discs, and other media. To make all these different systems work together, most libraries need an expert in information systems. As a Librarian, you can assist patrons with research in an academic or personal setting and keep all of the library’s technologies running smoothly.

So how should you go about obtaining an Information Systems degree? One of the top institutions for information systems is the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Not only are classes available online, but financial aid may also be available for students who qualify. If you want to explore a career that’s interesting, fast-paced, and fun, take a good look at information systems.

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