Why Pursue an MBA at UAB?

A Master of Business Administration degree can be a major asset in today’s market. No matter the industry or location, obtaining acute business acumen is highly applicable to many careers.

Earning an MBA indicates that a student has a strong understanding of how to manage people, assets and operations in the modern economy — with the degree to prove it. These skills can be especially valuable when choosing the next step in their professional path. However, with so many options for students looking to secure an MBA degree, which is the best?

Read on to discover why you should consider pursuing an Online MBA at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The Versatility of an MBA Degree

Graduate-level degrees focus on the leadership and management aspects of the business world. Thus, an MBA can help students secure a variety of high-level positions in many different industries. What might be less recognized is the versatility of an MBA — both during study and in the real world.

When students pursue UAB’s Online MBA degree, they have a few concentration options they may choose to focus on. Students can follow a general track or choose to hone their skills in:

  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Management Information Systems.
  • Health Services.

By choosing one of these concentrations, students learn about issues, strategies and tactics pertinent to that industry. If you’re predisposed to working somewhere specific, positioning yourself in one of the above concentrations may give you a competitive edge against other candidates when it comes time to apply for jobs.

Alternatively, the general track is great for students who would prefer a well-rounded education on all things business that still applies to many different sectors. A strong business foundation is complemented with more targeted learning, putting graduates in a uniquely powerful position as they look to make use of their degree in the business world.

The Benefits of Obtaining an MBA Degree

One of the main draws of obtaining an MBA degree is to develop tenfold as a business professional and expand your horizon. However, there are plenty more advantages that students may enjoy upon graduating from an accredited MBA program, such as:

  • Increased awareness of the global economy.
  • Development of soft skills and other relevant skills.
  • Professional network expansion.
  • A comprehensive grasp on integral management skills.
  • Opportunities to pivot in your career.
  • Access to an alumni network of other MBA holders.
  • Jobs usually come with a higher salary.

Additionally, completing a degree online offers every MBA student few more standout benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility in terms of completing coursework.
  • Students can study and work simultaneously.
  • Location restrictions are a non-issue.

What Kind of Career Opportunities Can You Pursue With an MBA Degree?

Theoretically, nearly every type of executive management position is open to an MBA holder. However, factors such as prior education and work experience make certain positions more attractive — and more likely — than others.

An MBA graduate with professional experience in finance, for example, is more likely to seek and secure a role in that field than in marketing or health services — although plenty of exceptions exist. This is why choosing an MBA concentration as part of UAB’s online MBA program can be so beneficial to students. They enhance their abilities within specific fields in which they already have interest or experience.

With many different opportunities available to degree holders, it’s not surprising that students have a similarly wide variety of objectives and motivations. Some may have only been in the business world for a few years but have a long-term plan that sees them landing in a C-suite position at a major company. Others may be comfortably established in their industry of choice and be perfectly content in their role, but need the distinction of an MBA degree to take the next step forward and move into senior management.

Still others might have a specific desire for a career in positions ranging from marketing manager in a major U.S. city to working abroad as a compensation and benefits manager for a multinational corporation. As long as that career goal involves management expertise and skill, an MBA is an excellent asset.

A student graduates and receives her diploma.

Does Having an MBA Allow You to Earn a Higher Salary?

In many cases, pursuing higher education helps you qualify for upper-level roles within an organization. Usually, that also means an increase in pay. An MBA doesn’t just qualify graduates for work in a specific role or a field of operations — it’s desirable throughout today’s modern economy. For that reason, it’s sometimes difficult to adequately quantify MBA career paths that are available to graduates.

However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers some information about average salaries for various managerial and executive roles requiring a bachelor’s degree:

Role Median Salary (2021)
Administrative Services and Facilities Managers $99,290
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers $133,380
Training and Development Managers $120,130
Financial Managers $131,710
Human Resources Managers $126,230
Medical and Health Services Managers $101,340

Among all major professions in the U.S., the BLS found managers earn the most money. While there’s no guarantee that an individual graduate will immediately secure a high-paying position after completing their degree, the value of management skills — and a degree specifically focused on cultivating such knowledge — is apparent.

Modern Professionals and UAB’s MBA Online Degree: A Great Fit

UAB’s MBA online degree offers students the chance to complete their education no matter where they’re located or what other personal and professional responsibilities they’re committed to.

The asynchronous online learning environment means students can work toward their degrees when and where they want. For careers that require both a master’s degree and relevant work experience, studying online can be an indispensable advantage, allowing students to work and complete their education at the same time.

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