What sets the online MBA program at UAB apart from the rest?

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Students considering a Master of Business Administration degree have many options in the modern educational landscape. However, not all programs are equal in terms of the quality of education they offer or in how they prepare learners to enter the modern world of business and management. Certain curricula bring together a number of important factors to provide especially well-rounded, focused, and positive educational outcomes. Let’s examine why the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s MBA online degree can be especially valuable.

Skills developed in the UAB MBA program

The world of business constantly changes. Those who want to focus on leading skilled workers and steering a company to success in the economy of the future need the right abilities and understanding. That’s where the UAB MBA program shines as a provider of relevant skills and broadly applicable knowledge for the world of business administration and management.

Students participating in the UAB MBA program curriculum can benefit from instruction provided by a diverse, accomplished, and experienced group of faculty that spans a broad base of business knowledge. The topics covered range from long-standing fundamental elements of business operations, such as accounting, finance, and quantitative analysis, to more cutting-edge and industry-specific knowledge designed to prepare students for their entry into the field of management and administration.

The result is an enhanced understanding of how companies operate and the related best practices, along with sharpened skills in vital areas such as strategy, versatility, and leadership. Graduates develop the ability to steer their staff, teams, and departments toward the best outcomes. They also can learn how to interpret the actions taken by their employer, competition, and their industry as a whole and develop the best short-term responses and long-term plans for effectively moving forward.

Focused, relevant, industry-specific education

One of the most powerful resources available for UAB MBA program participants is the range of industry-specific concentrations that offer learning tied to the history of and recent developments in their chosen field. Students can select from tracks including management information systems, finance, marketing, and health services, as well as a general MBA option that allows them to sample courses from across those four disciplines.

While core business management principles are valuable across all industries, there are major differences between businesses and teams focused on marketing as compared to finance or health services. Students in the UAB online MBA program don’t have to take a generic education and attempt to apply it to their field on their own. Instead, they can learn from professors with relevant, direct experience in specific areas, drawing on that knowledge to create a stronger foundation that can be more attractive to potential employers. Students who choose the general MBA option benefit from the ability to select their elective courses from the range of options available, creating a personalized approach that best addresses their unique goals.

The power and flexibility of online learning

An effective education is at the core of any strong MBA program. However, it’s not the only factor prospective students should consider. Learners seeking graduate degrees in a practical field such as business administration tend to already have established careers, not to mention the possibility of active family and personal lives. All of these factors involve a variety of established commitments and rewarding experiences that are hard to leave behind to once again attend university full time. Some learners interested in an MBA curriculum may choose to attend night and weekend classes at nearby institutions, but geography, distance, and schedules still make the process challenging for many. The potential for very limited or even no relevant local options leaves plenty of students wondering how they can advance their educational standing without a major disruption in their lives.

UAB meets the needs of prospective students like these across the country with an effective online learning option that adapts to students’ individual schedules. Students progress through the six semesters of MBA instruction at their own pace. They have the option to finish the 36-39 credit hours in as few as two years, but face no requirement to do so. The totally asynchronous nature of the program means learners engage with class material and coursework on their own schedules. Students have the option of building their routines as they best see fit, whether it means waking up early and setting aside lunch breaks on certain hours of the day, or fitting a little time with the program in each night after they put their kids to bed. Late-night, early-morning, and weekend-intensive schedules are all equally possible, and students can easily modify whichever strategy they use to adapt to changes in their personal and professional lives.

Students benefit from UAB’s strong background in providing positive online learning outcomes to a wide variety of students and experience in effectively structuring and delivering such programs across the country. UAB offers online programs with the same accreditation as on-campus ones, as all of the offerings from the Collat School of Business are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Additionally, diplomas are identical in terms of academic achievement and specific wording to those received by students on campus, so online learners can rest assured in the high quality of their education.

Taking the next step with UAB

Learn more about participating in an effective, targeted, and flexible MBA online degree program. Speak to one of our advisors today.

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