What is an MBA?

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Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a major accomplishment, one that provides a strong structural foundation for students to both enter the professional world and return to higher education to earn a more advanced degree. Some undergraduate degree holders may find themselves asking “What is an MBA program?” and generally wondering how it differs from the education they have already received.

These two programs, while sharing strong connections, provide decidedly different outcomes. In essence, the MBA degree builds off of the BBA coursework and gives students additional skills and competencies that may not be as fully addressed or developed in the BBA curriculum. Consider this information as you explore the possibilities of earning your MBA online degree.

What does an MBA degree provide?

An MBA degree offers students an education in business administration and management at the graduate level, further developing skills originally learned during undergraduate study while bringing additional knowledge and abilities into the fold. The MBA is the terminal degree in the realm of business administration, meaning there are no higher-level academic pursuits beyond it. This distinction is especially important when considering the job market for MBA graduates, related career outcomes, and salaries. While circumstances can change greatly from person to person and between industries, the MBA degree is a key component in effectively competing for senior positions ranging from chief marketing officer to logistics director and hospital administrator, all of which earn an average salary above $95,000.

MBA degrees give students the capacity to lead both groups of skilled staff and entire departments as whole, as well as provide direct input into the overall direction of a business from high-level, C-suite positions. Strong MBA programs with a focus on the contemporary business world help learners further develop competencies ranging from finance to information technology and supply chain management. Programs like the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s MBA offering, which includes four elective options allowing students to focus on a specific industry, build on this benefit.

How are MBA programs structured?

MBA programs can take many forms. Traditional, on-campus offerings are still plentiful, but can be difficult for graduates already in the professional world — a common position for those holding a BBA degree — to fix into their schedules. UAB offers an MBA degree online that addresses the many existing obligations, both personal and professional, that are so common among prospective students who already have an established position and career path.

The completely asynchronous learning environment at the core of the UAB MBA program gives students the flexibility they need to engage with classes and coursework in a way that fits into their busy days instead of disrupting them. Students work at their own pace and can graduate in as few as two years, but face no obligation to progress at that speed. With a 24/7 learning environment only as far away as their personal computer, program participants work toward an MBA with a reduced likelihood of sacrificing progress and results in their current position, personal time, and commitments.

High-quality faculty and engaging, relevant coursework are another hallmark of the UAB online MBA program. Students know they’ll receive instruction from skilled and capable faculty members throughout all of their 36-39 credit hours, benefiting from both the structured course material and the relevant experience of their teachers in a variety of administration and management scenarios. Program participants can also build their personal and professional networks along the way as they develop relationships with faculty and fellow learners. The ability to select a concentration in the fields of medical services, information management technology, marketing, and finance also plays a major role in giving students the most relevant and effective education possible. Whether the ultimate goal is positions as diverse as serving as chief information officer or the top administrator for a hospital or health system, students learn information, strategies, and skills relevant to their industry of choice.

A strong MBA program can give students the knowledge and abilities they may need to cap off an educational career focused on business management and administration without requiring major changes to established schedules and responsibilities. With a mix of industry-specific concentrations, highly regarded faculty, and a flexible learning environment, UAB’s MBA program fits that bill.

Advancing your education with UAB

UAB’s MBA online degree is a final, critical step for students who want to excel in the field of business administration. While the BBA degree provides a solid foundation for learners, they can’t consider themselves fully developed from an educational standpoint — or able to reap the rewards an advanced education can bring — until they achieve this terminal degree. To learn more about UAB’s online MBA degree, reach out to an advisor today.

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