UAB MISQ Department – Management, Information Systems, and Quantitative Methods

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Jack Howard: Hello, My name’s Dr. Jack Howard. I am the interim chair of the department of management, information systems, and quantitative methods. I want to just spend a little bit of time today talking about the degree programs we have within our department.

We have a bachelor’s degree program in management. This is a field where you would learn about the processes of planning, organizing, and then leading organizations. You would learn about how to pull the resources together to produce a good or service for your clientele.

We also have a degree in human resource management. In this degree program you learn a lot about the behind the scenes sorts of things that go on that enable an organization to attract and retain quality employees. That involves recruitment, selection, understanding the laws we must comply with in terms of dealing with employees, compensation, training and development, among other areas.

Finally, we have a degree program in information systems. And to give you a quick visual, most people have a cell phone of some type. The physical device, in it of itself, is more tied to engineering and computer science. Everything that’s in it is really tied a little bit more to information systems. And what we learn in information systems in our degree program, there’s a number of things that are very important in the current marketplace.

One would be data analytics. There are organizations that employ people with information systems backgrounds to take data and turn it into useful information to help that organization provide its goods and services. The other side of it that we also talk about is cyber security. Cyber security is important because once we have data we have to protect it. We have to protect data of our employees, of our clientele, of all these different groups.

These are two areas that are simply just never going to go away now that we are at this point. That is understanding how to take data and turn it into information that can be used and how to protect that data.