Is the bachelor’s of management or marketing best for you?

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Succeeding at the highest levels is the dream of many students who enter business school. However, there’s more than one way to the top, and business school students may have difficulty deciding which degree is best for their personal objectives and goals.

Students have two outstanding options for earning an undergraduate degree that helps future business leaders build skills and knowledge: the Bachelor of Science in Management and the Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Both degrees share a few similar learning outcomes and impart some of the same skills, but differences exist, making it important for prospective students to compare and contrast these options.

For online students, finding the right program offered by an accredited school is highly important. The University of Alabama Birmingham offers both a bachelor of business management program and a bachelor’s in marketing program 100 percent online. The online programs also feature the same world-class faculty as would teach on campus, ensuring students receive the best educaiton and are able to make the most of their degrees, whichever they choose. Here’s more information on whether a management or marketing bachelor’s is best for you.

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Why choose a bachelor’s of management

Leaders often naturally rise to management in businesses, so setting a professional course to leadership with an online Bachelor of Science in Management makes sense for many students. However, before they can become decision-makers, would-be managers have to build out a wide repertoire of skills and competencies. As much as business management can be rewarding, it is also highly demanding. At a basic level, business management requires strong organizational, technical, communication, interpersonal, financial, and managerial skills. Knowledge of business management theories, strategies, and methodologies is also a standard in the professional world.

UAB’s online Bachelor of Science in Management, which is crafted to help students develop foundational skills and build business expertise, addresses these expectations. It’s also designed to help students refine leadership qualities and practice being leaders in real-world applications, all of which goes toward preparing students for the rigors and opportunities of business management.

Some of the coursework students can expect to encounter includes:

● Organizational behavior and how to understand interpersonal business dynamics.
● Employee law and the theory and practice of business management.
● Project management and how to drive performance and motivate talent.
● Strategic management and how to leverage leadership to generate results.

UAB’s online Bachelor of Science in Management equips students with not just skills but also the knowledge to deploy them in practice. Some of the positions the program prepares students for include international business management, operational management, management consultancy, and human resources management.

Why choose a bachelor’s of marketing

Whereas business management may focus more on internal organizational dynamics, marketing often looks outward. Yet for professionals in both disciplines, success is always the objective, and although marketing and management are different, they share much in desired skill sets and drive for results. Still, there are ways to distinguish if a marketing bachelor’s is more suitable for your personal and professional goals.

Marketing plays a massive role in culture, and being able to shape that narrative is a huge opportunity for marketing majors to influence the public conversation and generate business success at the same time. A Bachelor of Science in Marketing can help prepare students for that task by training in a diverse number of skills that all go toward assembling a comprehensive profile. Coursework in the marketing program exposes students to:

● Advanced communication strategies in the modern age that take into account the rise of social media and the internet.
● Sales techniques designed to acquire, engage, and retain customers and drive lifecycle value.
● Best practices for marketing in emerging and evolving mediums like e-commerce, digital sales, and international markets.

The online UAB Bachelor of Science in Marketing program is also designed to cultivate leaders and marketing talent. This objective is evident in the capstone project all students complete as the final piece to their studies. This practicum places students in residency with an actual firm that faces a challenge and allows them to apply the knowledge and skills gained to help plan, implement, control, and evaluate a marketing initiative to solve that challenge.

Some of the careers that a bachelor of marketing can prepare students for include promotions manager, advertising managers, sales director, public relations specialist, and market research analyst.

Talk to UAB for more information

Regardless of whether students opt for a bachelor of management or marketing, earning a degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business can prepare students for the realities of management and marketing, as well as help them excel in personal and professional ventures. Students can gain skills, business expertise and invaluable leadership experience through either degree program, which can help them start their climb to new business heights. Contact an enrollment officer today for information about the online Bachelor of Science in Management or the online Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

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