Are You the Right Fit? 4 Ways to Tell Management Is Right for You

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Many who strive to rise in the ranks of a company have trouble proving that they are promotion-ready or establishing a strong enough image in a sea of employees. For those just entering higher education and the work force, deciding what role to take becomes that much more difficult.

Companies always need and desire strong and skilled managers. Adding a managerial degree to your résumé certainly helps demonstrate your leadership skills and potential. Here are four signs that show if a degree in management suits you.

1. You Enjoy Taking the Lead

Consider your group work preferences. Do you grab the project leader role without hesitation? Or do you wait for direction from another partner? Someone who actively seeks small projects and management opportunities shows a natural leadership drive and desire for growth.

Do you already manage a franchise or small business? Have you coached a team? Have you asked to coordinate company outings or perhaps planned your senior trip? When you have trained new hires or interns, do they continually seek your advice or guidance with trust and confidence? Even basic duty training in a small entry-level job might indicate your management niche.

2. You Are a Smooth Talker

You are a charmer, but only in the best way possible. In other words, you have great interpersonal skills. You know how to persuade, how to calm and resolve arguments, and how to make people feel comfortable and positive. It’s important for managers to understand people and how they work. This requires keen observation.

If you understand how your fellow employees react and think when external forces come into play, then you can direct and influence their behavior to the right or desired outcome. You also notice talent, and you know how to bring that talent to its full potential. Your dedication not only to your upward mobility, but that of others, makes you a sought-after supervisor.

3. You Are a Master Troubleshooter

A troubleshooter strategically assesses a challenge, comes to a solution, and actively makes that solution a reality. Instead of running to a higher authority asking for a fix, you tell higher management how you plan to solve it. Managers need quick, creative, and analytical problem solving methods. While it’s necessary to follow orders in any job, suggesting an alternative, more effective approach shows dedication and drive.

4. You Exhibit Model Work Ethic

Managers and supervisors need to act as the prime models for other employees. That means arriving early dressing neatly and appropriately, avoiding gossip, and showing courtesy to fellow employees. Demonstrating work ethic creates trusting relationships with other employees. If constant hard work, a positive attitude, and focus mark you as your employer’s go-to person, then a bachelor’s degree in management sounds applicable for you.

If these four qualities fit your description, then consider a managerial profession. It’s not easy, but it gives you an opportunity to make a difference. Enroll in a management degree program today to start your career and hone your leadership skills.

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