How a MS in Management Information Systems can impress employers

Completing a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems is an accomplishment students should be proud of. At this point in their lives, aspiring professionals may be tempted to begin applying to their dream jobs. However, choosing to continue their studies and pursue a Master of Science in Management Information Systems can prove to be a lucrative, career-advancing choice.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers a high-quality online Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree. This program gives students the knowledge and abilities they may need to succeed in information systems management positions and other jobs related to IT leadership.

Job opportunities for information systems managers

When working toward a successful career in information systems, students should consider the future job outlook. Computer and information systems managers are in a good position for job stability. This field is expected to grow at a rate of 12 percent between 2016 and 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, the projected growth rate for all occupations is just 7 percent.

One reason behind the increasing demand for information systems managers is the shifting trend in business practices to digital platforms. As more technology enters the workplace, companies will rely on computer and information systems managers to ensure all operations are running smoothly, as well as to identify technological business opportunities.

Students who pursue their Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham can graduate with the knowledge they need to make technology-related business decisions. The course IS 611: Information Technology & Business Strategy discusses how IT strategies and business development converge. This understanding includes identifying areas of innovation and unique competitive advantages for their organizations.

For all of the advantages that come with increased technology in business, there are also some risks. Cyber security is incredibly important but also highly complex. All students working toward an MS MIS degree from the Collat School of Business will take IS 621: Incident Response & Business Continuity. In this course, students will think strategically about what happens after a security breach compromises sensitive data. In these circumstances, companies need to act quickly to recover from the attack and keep their businesses moving forward. This course will cover the unique elements of these types of events.

There are many job opportunities for professionals who earn their Master of Science in Management Information Systems, according to PayScale. People who hold this degree are well-poised to pursue positions such as:

• Software engineer• IT manager• IT director• IT project manager

Management information systems salaries

Students striving for a successful career may also consider their earning potential. The median pay for computer and information systems managers in 2017 was $139,220, according to the BLS. Meanwhile, the median annual wage for all occupations was $37,690.

Compensation isn’t awarded based on degree alone; the position a professional takes plays a major factor in employee wage. The average annual salaries for the following jobs, according to PayScale, include:

• Software engineer: $77,956• IT manager: $100,576• IT director: $113,146• IT project manager: $78,595

Leadership skills through an MS MIS

While job stability and earning potential are good reasons to pursue a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems, students can also benefit from the numerous skills upon which they may build through this degree program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Leadership skills are highly beneficial in any higher-up job in a company or for any position to which other employees report, such as managers or directors. Students who pursue the IT Management Concentration in the MS MIS degree program through the Collat School of Business will take IS 641: Leadership in IT. In this course, students will learn about what it takes to be an effective leader in organizational settings, particularly in IT-related careers.

Understanding how to create a technology plan for a company is another important skill for leaders in IT careers. IS 640: Technology Planning & Capital Budgeting will give students a look into how to strategically curate and manage an IT investment portfolio, as well as how to appropriately budget for it. These skills may be valuable in students’ future IT positions.

University of Alabama at Birmingham helps students prepare for successful careers in IT

Earning a Master of Science in Management Information Systems can help put you on the right track for a potentially successful career in the field of information technology. There are many perks to pursuing a career in information systems, including job stability, excellent salaries, and meaningful skills development.

To learn more about how the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s MS MIS degree program can help you grow your career and skill set, get in touch with an enrollment advisor today.


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