7 Reasons the MS MIS Degree is Right For You

According to the United Nations, there are five different kinds of work plateaus that may strike over the course of your career. If you’re like many workers, you may experience either a structural or content plateau. Earning an additional degree can help you feel revitalized and motivated in the workplace. The information you acquire in the classroom can make you feel re-energized in your current position. Or, it could give you the qualifications you need to move up the career ladder.

If you’re considering pursuing a master’s degree, you can choose from multiple fields to augment your current background. Inc.com noted that the tech industry looks for passion, not just skillset when hiring new talent. If you are interested in learning more about technology – and how it applies in a number of different industries – the Master of Science in Management Information Systems may be a good fit for you.

Why the UAB online degree is right for you if you want to expand your tech knowledge

Once you’re several years into a career, you may find yourself wanting to tackle new challenges in other departments. If you are interested in applying your problem-solving skills to the world of information systems or technology, you can do so with UAB’s online program. The MS MIS degree offers six hours of classes meant to bridge your background with the information systems curriculum. You can get an introduction to computer programming. In addition, you can join a class centered around systems analysis and databases, which can prepare you for more advanced classes.

Why the UAB degree is right for you if you’re interested in a management role

Business strategy is becoming more dependent on technology. Having an understanding of how technology can assist business strategy goals can help move your career forward into a managerial role. For instance, many executive-level positions, like Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer, require individuals to have a technical background. An MS MIS degree can also help equip you for more technology-driven positions, like IT security manager.

The MS in Management Information Systems can help prepare students for these roles by offering classes that bring together technical skills and analytical business thinking. Students can participate in business intelligence courses that can strengthen their foundation in knowledge discovery and application of business knowledge. Students can also participate in leadership classes that study the facets of an effective leader – and apply them in the workplace.

The UAB degree can help you …


Run Your Own Business

Small businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. A recent survey from SurePayroll noted that 85 percent of small business owners rely on cloud services for their businesses. With a background in management information systems, you can understand the risks of storing your information in the cloud. In addition, you can make sure your data – and your customer’s data – is protected from breaches.

Business owners must pay close attention to the information they post on social media. According to Tech.co, if hackers can guess your Facebook or Twitter password, they may be able to deduce your other passwords as well. This can expose critical information that could lead to a breach. An MS MIS degree can give you the the foundational knowledge about how to incorporate security into your business strategy to avoid that outcome. In addition, classes focused in business continuity can give you the tools you’ll need to recover vital information should a breach occur.

Learn More about Security

Students have the ability to add a concentration in security to an MS MIS degree. This can show employers that you bring the interest and the expertise in security and protection. As part of your information security concentration, you can take CISSP I and II courses in preparation for the exam. This exam looks at a student’s proficiency in eight areas, including security engineering, identity and access management, security development and software development security. Completing this certification highlights your managerial skills as well as your technical skills. Importantly, you can apply what you learn in these CISSP classes to the workplace. Understanding security is becoming increasingly important as employees demand more flexible work-from-home policies. According to Cisco Connected World Technology Report, at least 25 percent of respondents work from home. With so many outside devices, that can pose a challenge to a company’s security.

Build Your Interest in Social Media

Mashable noted that with the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Twitter, companies can now give their customers real-time feedback and service. Airlines like Virgin America have transformed that feedback into a marketing opportunity. The rise of chatbots on these platforms poses additional challenges and opportunities for businesses, ranging from retail to travel. Adweek predicted that chatbots will continue to accumulate popularity as social media users turn to messaging services. In order to accomplish an immediate, positive level of interaction with customers, businesses need to have the technological capability as well as the know-how to carry it out. Students participating in an MS MIS degree can learn more about the return on a social media investment. Additionally, they can learn how to budget for those expenditures and how to maximize the value of having a social media customer feedback team.

Balance Work and School

An online MS MIS degree gives you the chance to build your study time around your work schedule. This offers you the opportunity to continue working while earning your degree. In addition, the class schedule is 100 percent online and asynchronous – so you can find the best time to attend class, no matter where you are. In addition, you can spend less time in school, as you can complete your degree in less than two years. U.S. News and World Report also listed other benefits of taking classes online, including the ability to increase your ability to retain information. Due to the asynchronous schedule, you can watch class lectures as quickly or as slowly as you need. In addition, you can take time to absorb discussion questions and give fully-formed answers to your classmates.

Lead in Your Chosen Field

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems is part of The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business. This institution earned AACSB accreditation and has maintained it since 1982. This ensures that UAB reaches the highest academic standards possible for its students. In addition, UAB’s MS in MIS degree is accredited by the National Security Agency as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research. According to the NSA’s site, this program is meant to provide students with an education that minimizes cyber security threats. U.S. News and World Report labeled UAB’s MS MIS degree as one of the top 20 online graduate programs for computer information technology. They measure these results by looking at a combination of student engagement, the knowledge and experience of the faculty, as well as the services available to students. UAB also earned a spot on the list for Best Online Graduate Business Programs for 2017.

There are many reasons to earn a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. It can help prepare you for a new career. It can also give you the tools to take on additional responsibilities in your current role. Which best applies to you? Reach out to the University of Alabama at Birmingham to speak with an advisor today.



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