Make Cents of Money with These Kid-Friendly Projects

Make Cents of Money with These Kid-Friendly Projects

The best time for a child to learn new important skills is at a younger age. Learning how to count, use, and save money are just some of those important skills that a child should learn. Whether it’s through playing a game of store with a toy register, exchanging fake money through a round of monopoly, or crafting a piggy bank to stock up on change; it’s easy to encourage children to learn math and money concepts while having fun at the same time. Here are a few great sites to help your children or students learn all about money concepts through trivia, games, history facts, and fun do it yourself crafts and projects.

U.S. Currency Trivia Questions & Answers

Test your trivia knowledge alone or with a group, and learn about currency and money with these fun and challenging questions.

12 Fun Facts About Money

Make learning about money fun for children with these twelve interesting and fun facts about money.

Practice with Math Games

Learn about math and money with these free educational games that can be played on computers or mobile devices.

Learn to Count Money with ABCya

​Kids can learn how to count money by dragging and dropping coins and bills into a box in this interactive game.

Online Money Games

These interactive online games teach children how to solve real-life problems around money concepts.

Free Online Money Games

Kids can play these online games to learn how to identify coins, count, and add money.

16 Counting Money Games

Use these fun interactive games to learn how to identify the different money coins and how to count them when doing an exchange.

Cash Out Money Game

Play Mr. Nussbaum;s fun math game to help student’s make change and learn money concepts in a real life setting.

Kids Money Games Online

Learn how money works through these fun interactive games and activities that teach kids about coins, prices, and spending money.

Online Money Games

Play this interactive game of dragging and dropping items into a shopping cart to match the correct amount.

Time and Money Free Online Games

Learn about time and money through these interactive games, videos, and worksheets for kids, parents, and teachers.

Use Coin-Based Games to Teach Money Skills

Kids will learn valuable lessons about money management with these fun interactive games that the whole family can play.

Money Games at Smarty Games

Play these educational games to learn money concepts including a treasure hunt and shopping.

Mathwire Money Games

This site offers a fun entertaining two player game that challenges each other while learning math and money concepts.

Online Games for Counting Money and Coins

Learn to count money with these fun activities, games, and worksheets.

20 Weird Facts about Money Most of Us Don’t Know

Super Money presents us with 20 weird facts about money that will surprise and interest you.

Fun and Interesting Facts about Money

This site helps explain how to teach kids about money through fun facts and games.

Fun Money Facts for Kids

Encourage children to find the fun in learning about money with these fun facts.

Interesting Money Facts for Kids

Help children have fun with money concepts while learning these interesting facts.

Teaching Money Skills to Kids with Projects

This site shows how children can learn about money concepts with these fun projects.

Coins and Money Crafts for Kids

Learn how to make cool crafts with coins, money, currency, dollars, and bills.

Money Teaching Ideas

Kids can learn about money concepts with these fun printable resources.

21 Simple Ways for Kids to Earn Money

Teach children the value of money and ways they can make it with these ideas.

Teaching Kids about Money

Here are some tips, techniques, activities, and games to teach children important money concepts.

11 Ways to Teach Kids How to Save Money

Teach kids how to save money with these rewards, games, matching contributions, and more.

Let the Money Smart Gang Teach Your Kids about Money

Help your children to learn the concepts of money with this series of educational books.

4 Simple Money Lessons All Kids Should Know

Explain these 4 simple money concepts to kids to help them with handling money in the future.

3 Real Money Activities for Learning

Children can have fun with money with these activities while learning important money concepts.

3 Money-Related Crafts for Kids

Get crafty with your kids with these fun money related projects.

Enchanted Learning Coin and Money Related Crafts

Make fun crafts with things found around the house including coins and money.

15 Insanely Creative Piggy Banks Crafts

Teach children the concept of money while creating fun piggy banks to start saving.

40 Cool DIY Piggy Banks

Learn how to save your money with these 40 fun diy piggy banks for both kids and adults.

50 Crafts for Teens to Make and Sell

With these 50 crafts children and teens can be creative and learn how to sell their creations.

Fun Piggy Bank Crafts

Inspire kids to learn how to save with these fun and creative piggy bank crafts.

Play Money

Learn how to create play money to teach kids important concepts while having fun.

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