Course Descriptions

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Bridge Program Courses

IS 204 — Introduction to Business Programming — 3 hours
Study the concepts, structures, and use of an event-driven programming language to implement business solutions. Focus on developing general problem-solving strategies and implementing solutions through algorithm development.

IS 301 — Introduction to Database Management Systems — 3 hours
Examine database management systems. Develop the fundamental knowledge necessary to model business data needs, design logical data models, and design, implement, and use a physical database in application development.

IS 302 — Business Data Communications — 3 hours
A study of data communications technologies used for business. The technologies include local and wide area networks, as well as telephony. Network management and security are also emphasized.

IS 303 — Information Systems — 3 hours
Theory and application of information systems. Planning, design, development, and implementation of and strategic issues in information systems. Learn about the World Wide Web, Internet, and knowledge-based systems.

IS 321 — Systems Analysis — 3 hours
Focus on the planning, decision-making tasks, and requisite skills necessary for the analysis of information systems.

BUS 350 — Business Communications — 3 hours
Review of grammar and organization with emphasis on conventions, formats, and style of written business communication. Relies on class writing assignments, research methods and analysis, and collaborative writing.

Management Information Systems Core Courses

IS 607 – Introduction to Cyber Security – 3 hours
This course serves as an introduction to the field of cyber security where students will develop a basic understanding of the cyber security principles. Students will be able to understand the business value of cyber security and its legal/ ethical considerations. Students will also gain an appreciation for security planning and risk management and how risk may be mitigated through technical, physical, and administrative controls.

IS 608 — Desktop Analytics with IT Tools — 3 hours
This course examines the role of IT desktop tools to support a wide variety of business problems in the field of business analytics. Students work at the operational level using business analytics desktop tools to learn foundational topics relating to analysis, statistical modeling, and decision-making in an IT-based business environment. Students will gain hands-on experience with spreadsheet modeling and practical business problems that require analysis and interpretation of data.

IS 611 — Information Technology & Business Strategy— 3 hours
Explore the intersection between IT and business strategy. Cover topics, concepts, and terminology related to strategy formulation, innovation, and competitive advantage in organizations.

IS 618 — IT Project Management — 3 hours
Build your foundation for the management and successful execution of IT-based projects by examining learning objectives. Study the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge to prepare to take the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam.

IS 650 — Business Intelligence Strategy — 3 hours
This course explores the differences between the fields of data science, business analytics, and business intelligence. Topics covered include an introduction to the field of business analytics, data management planning, and decision-making with data. This course is designed to provide a high level overview of the disruptive nature of data in business today and how to prepare for a data-driven business environment.

IS 660 — Emerging IT Trends & Tech — 3 hours
This course explores emerging IT trends and technologies arising in the business environment based on current events and business developments. The focus of this course will be on the presentation of emerging technologies and an exploration of their business role. Students will gain an appreciation for the business case associated with emerging technologies and IT trends facing IT managers.

Cyber Security Management Concentration

IS 613 — Information Security Management — 3 hours
Examine key security management issues, including security concepts, technology policy development, and information resource management.

IS 620 — Cyber Attacks & Threat Mitigation — 3 hours
Explore concepts in network vulnerability from a hacker’s perspective. Learn about the latest cutting-edge attacks. Discuss legal issues associated with computer network attacks and learn how to design, build, and operate network systems to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

IS 621 — Incident Response & Business Continuity — 3 hours
Gain the knowledge necessary to prepare for and respond to computer security incidents. Topics include incident response preparation, detection, reaction, recovery, maintenance, computer-related disaster recovery, and business continuity planning.

IS 644 – Digital Forensics – 3 hours
This course focuses on how organizations conduct digital forensics investigations due to intrusion or cyber crime. This course explores how organizations identify, track, and potential aide in the prosecution of cyber criminals. Students will gain an appreciation for how to conduct digital investigations, preserve evidence, understand the role of law enforcement, and intellectual property concerns associated with cyber crime.

Business Analytics Concentration

IS 617 — Data Science for Business — 3 hours
This course will introduce students to the rapidly growing fields of business analytics/ data science, focusing on how data can be used to support decision making in organizations. It explains what and how principles and technologies of data science can be used to extract useful information and knowledge from large volume of structured and unstructured data (e.g., textual content) in order to improve business decision making. Prerequisite: IS 608 or equivalent

IS 619 — Advanced Business Analytics — 3 hours
The course is the study and practice of how we can extract insightful knowledge from large amounts of data. It is a burgeoning area, currently attracting substantial demand from academy and industry. Prerequisite: IS 617 or equivalent

IS 651 — Data Management & SQL for Analytics — 3 hours
Explore various concepts of data management/ data warehousing for business analytics. The focus of this course is the process of extracting data from a diverse set of sources, transforming and cleaning data, and loading this data into a format used by analytics professionals. Students will also gain expertise in advanced data querying using Structured Query Language (SQL).

IS 652 — Data Visualization for Business — 3 hours
In this course, students gain experience with techniques on how to effectively communicate the results of an analysis using information and visual aids. Students learn effective methods of presenting information in textual and graphical formats and how to frame data results in a business case format for interpretation by business managers. Students gain hands-on experience with the use of modern visualization tools.