Top MBA Concentrations

The UAB Collat School of Business offers a variety of career-enhancing learning paths, including five MBA tracks that teach key capabilities for today’s administration professionals. These skills, like analytical techniques and an understanding of the behavioral facets of effective management, can be applied in finance, marketing, management information systems, health services, or other areas of business.


An MBA concentration in Finance can help develop your mathematical and financial management skills, preparing you to enter a job market with higher than average growth. This could be a step towards a career as a finance manager, investment banker, or chief financial officer.


With a Marketing concentration, you can learn a set of skills that are valuable in any industry, including communication, sales, and strategy. These skills could translate into a position as a sales manager or chief marketing officer.

Management Information Systems

If you choose an MBA concentration in Management Information Systems, you can learn to effectively manage IT operations, as well as generate, deliver, and secure data. Future opportunities include a career as a systems consultant, IT strategist, or chief information officer.

Health Services

An MBA with a Health Services concentration opens the door into the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. economy. This concentration prepares you to tackle the complexities of hospital and health systems management, with potential careers in hospital administration, pharmaceutical product management, or hospital management.

Flexible Management Skills

To gain the necessary skills to become an administration or management professional in the public or private sphere, you might also choose a general MBA. This degree offers the essential analytical skills to make better business decisions as a management consultant, logistics director, chief customer officer, or another career in this wide field of opportunity.

Regardless of which concentration you choose, you can prepare for your career with rigorous, 100% online coursework. Learn more from the online MBA program at UAB Collat School of Business:

An infographic about the top MBA concentrations and the future career opportunities for each by the UAB Collat School of Business.

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