5 Benefits of Getting an Online MBA

An online Master of Business Administration degree is an appealing option for working students who have families, careers, and other important responsibilities. From the ability to move through the program at their own pace to having the flexibility to study and complete coursework as their schedule permits, earning an online MBA allows learners to balance their professional and personal obligations while furthering their education.

There are many reasons to choose online learning, but we’ve outlined 5 key benefits of getting an online MBA with the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Compared to studying full time in a traditional, on-campus program, earning an online MBA provides much-needed flexibility to students who are also building careers, families, and lives. This flexibility also allows students to select a school or program without geographical limitations.

Whether you prefer to work early in the morning, late at night, or on weekends, you can choose the best time to complete your online MBA coursework.

2. An Online MBA Gives You Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Another benefit of getting an online MBA is instant access to a broader network of professionals composed of students from a variety of backgrounds and locations. Students who earn their degree online aren’t restricted by their proximity to campus and can interact with other working professionals from all over the country and — in many cases — the world.

The collaboration facilitated through an online MBA program, whether in group assignments or real-time discussions, allows students to grow their network with a diverse and accomplished group of peers.

3. Customization

Student who earn their MBA online can often customize their course load, deciding how many classes they take each semester.

A unique benefit of getting an online MBA with UAB is that students also have the option to design their own degree through one of four specialized concentrations in finance, marketing, information systems, or health services.

4. An Online MBA Is the Same Accredited Degree as on Campus

The academic standards used by accrediting bodies to evaluate business schools apply to both online and in-person formats. In fact, there may be additional standards in place to ensure that MBA coursework is fully accessible to online students.

The online MBA program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham enables working students to earn a widely recognized credential that is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

5. Improved Technology Skills

Today’s business world is becoming increasingly virtual. One of the benefits of getting an online MBA is that it prepares students  to work more effectively in remote teams and become more agile leaders.

Many of the digital tools and technologies used for real-time instruction and collaboration in an online MBA program can be added to students’ resumes as a selling point for today’s employers, who increasingly conduct more of their business remotely.

Additional benefits of getting an online MBA for working professionals

After getting an undergraduate degree, many young professionals immediately enter the working world. They may also end up getting married, having children, or becoming more involved in their communities.

A remote accountant works on a laptop.

At some point, however, these same working professionals may decide to complement their undergraduate degree with an advanced credential.

Consider these other benefits of getting an online MBA or EMBA if you’re thinking about going back to school:

  • Returning to campus may not be possible for those with a full plate of personal and professional responsibilities, which makes an online program a practical alternative.
  • An online MBA program combines the foundational business knowledge required to succeed in today’s workplace with a flexible, individualized approach to learning.
  • A 2020 salary report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that the average starting salary for MBA graduates was $20,877 higher than that of business bachelor’s degree holders.

Why Earning Your Online MBA with UAB Is a Great Decision

UAB is proud to offer an online MBA degree that takes the needs of modern professionals into account, allowing them the necessary flexibility and customization to pursue this valuable degree on their own terms.

A framework that aligns with the needs of professionals is vital to successfully complete this program, but so is a high-quality educational experience. UAB brings together highly regarded instructors, a curriculum focused on the diverse nature of the modern economy in the context of business leadership, and concentrations that focus on Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems, and Health Services, along with a General Track.

To learn more about the benefits of getting an online MBA from UAB, get in touch with an enrollment advisor today.

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