Which exams can UAB’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program prepare you for?

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For students who choose to pursue an accounting degree online, successfully the program is critical for beginning a career in the field. However, a degree isn’t the only thing a graduate needs to make the most of accounting opportunities. There also are a variety of exams that can provide a career boost, from the well-known Certified Public Accountant test to more specialized ones like the Certified Fraud Examiner assessment. Students need to consider their intended career paths and how these exams fit into their plans. By planning ahead, students can also leverage the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program to develop as much understanding of the subjects tested in those exams as possible.

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A look at common accounting exams

The wide range of accounting assessments currently available allow online accounting bachelor’s degree program graduates to further define and prove their competencies, whether they want to gain the general, broad benefit of the CPA certification or add a more specific credential to their resumes.

The CPA exam

The most widely recognized professional accounting exam in the U.S., the CPA designation is vital for a variety of reasons. Two of the most common are the need to pass the CPA assessment to provide accounting services to the public and the inclusion of the credential as a common requirement for a variety of accounting positions. While there are a number of roles that don’t require the CPA certification, many higher-level roles either encourage or require applicants to have passed the exam.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting curriculum offers students a broad range of relevant educational opportunities that help them develop much of the knowledge necessary to confidently sit for the CPA exam. While the specific requirements of the CPA exam necessitate additional coursework at the master’s degree level and it’s a best practice to engage in extensive exam preparation, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree lays much of the crucial groundwork.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor exam

A combination of accounting and information technology disciplines, the Certified Information Systems Auditor exam is an intriguing choice for those with an interest in both professions. Those who earn the certification and complete the other steps required by information systems association ISACA have a leg up when applying to a variety of relevant positions. In a number of roles where auditing information systems is a major job task, the CISA certificate is evidence of ability and competency.

Students in UAB’s bachelor in accounting online degree program benefit from both the Information Systems course as well as the variety of auditing-focused educational opportunities included throughout the accounting curriculum.

The Certified Internal Auditor exam

Sanctioned by the Institute of Internal Auditors, the CIA exam helps those who pass the test prove their capacity for conducting audits of the businesses for which they work. This certification is vital for many businesses when recruiting internal auditors, and the IIA is the only provider of this specific type of credential. A mix of work experience and education are two of the major requirements tied to the CIA exam. Graduates of the UAB accounting bachelor’s degree online program need 24 months of internal auditing experience or its equivalent.

Auditing is a key recurring theme in the UAB course catalog. Students benefit from a variety of opportunities to learn about auditing and how to successfully follow through on such a task.

The Certified Fraud Examiner exam

Offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, this test helps accounting professionals show potential employers and fellow staff a strong understanding of fraud and the tactics used to discover it. The major areas covered by the assessment are fraud prevention and deterrence, financial transactions and fraud schemes, investigation, and law. With fraud a universal concern across the economy, there are a variety of ways to apply the CFE credential in professional settings relevant to accountants, whether they work in external or internal auditing capacities or a host of other roles.

Prerequisites for the CFE exam include a mix of professional experience and education, either an undergraduate and master’s degree or a combination of certifications and relevant career work, along with membership in the ACFE and a completed exam application. Students at UAB in the online bachelor’s degree in accounting program can begin learning about topics relevant to the CFE exam in courses such as Internal Auditing and External Auditing.

Building a strong accounting base with UAB

There are a wide variety of career paths that professionals in the accounting field can follow. From a CPA to an auditor focused on investigating potential instances of fraud, students can choose to pursue the role that best aligns with their interests, proficiencies, and expertise. Earning an accounting degree online is a foundational step in creating the knowledge base necessary for the additional education and experience that are required for many professional examinations and their corresponding certifications.

Students who choose UAB as their partner for an accounting education benefit from a program specifically tailored to the needs of learners who have a variety of existing personal and professional responsibilities. The completely asynchronous learning environment allows students to progress along the path to their degree at their own pace, with top-notch faculty providing instruction from the first foundation courses through the Accounting Capstone. To learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program, get in touch with an enrollment advisor today.

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