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Students who are interested in a career in business have a plethora of opportunities available to them. One potential career path is human resource management, which puts professionals at the heart of an organization.

An HR professional reviewing resumes.

What is human resource management?

Many people think of HR professionals as the people who hire and fire people at a company. This is only a small part of what HR departments at many organizations do. These people are also:

● Experts on how to legally run a business
● Knowledgeable on how to develop employees to become greater contributors to an organization
● Leaders in the business’ philanthropic efforts
● Event planners for employee engagement and appreciation activities

HR professionals are valuable in today’s business environment. According to a 2015 report from Randstad USA, a company could lose as much as $14,000 by allowing an HR position to remain vacant for three months. Every organization needs the input of a human resources professional at some point, and the larger the company is, the more crucial a role this position plays.

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management can be the first step in a potentially lucrative career. Students who pursue their online degree in human resource management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham can earn a comprehensive education, covering topics such as how to run a company and the laws pertaining to various types of organizations.

Learn how to run a business

Though HR professionals may not be the CEO of the company, they still should have a solid grasp on how to run an organization. Students taking HR management classes will begin their studies with some basic business courses and gradually move on to more advanced studies, including:

BUS 102: Business Foundations
This course will be an HR management student’s first introduction to the world of business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It will cover the various career paths available today. The class will also branch out to a global scale, discussing international business culture and the different business functions around the world.

BUS 350: Business Communications
A large part of business is carried out on paper — or in today’s digital environment, through emails, proposals, and research papers. It’s important that successful companies have people behind the scenes who know how to gather ideas and write in easy-to-read and understand formats. This course involves many written assignments and teaches students how to use various formats and styles of written communication, as well as how to collaborate on written documents.

MK 303: Basic Marketing
The best business idea will never pan out unless other people know about it. That’s why marketing is so important, and the reason that Basic Marketing is one of the human resource management requirements for students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This course covers the planning, distribution, promotion, and pricing of products, both on domestic and international levels.

MG 411: Compensation Administration
A big part of expanding a business is hiring new talent, and a critical part of that is determining a fair and balanced compensation package. This course reviews problems related to compensation administration in private and public institutions. It also focuses on how to determine salary levels, ranges, and structures.

MG 412: Employee Selection and Development
Recruiting and selecting new employees isn’t always easy. Human resources professionals are expected to be able to evaluate candidates for various roles, both in terms of their fit for the job as well as the culture of your team. At the same time, you must adhere to state and federal laws pertaining to the selection and evaluation of potential employees. This course covers legal requirements as well as the choice, placement, and development processes within various organizations.

MG 415: International Business Dynamics
This course will give students a look into the international business scene, helping them to identify problems and opportunities by analyzing information pertaining to international business.

Gain an understanding of business law

When running an organization, it’s critical to understand your legal responsibilities. Legal mistakes can lead to costly problems or even jeopardize an organization. Human resource management courses like MG 412: Employee Selection and Development will explore some of the legal requirements pertaining to hiring and appraising employees, but there’s much more to learn beyond the process of selecting and developing candidates.

LS 246: Legal Environment of Business
Various laws that have been put into place over time dictate certain aspects of business culture as a means to ensure business is conducted fairly and correctly and doesn’t cause undue harm to others. In this course, students will learn which laws apply to subjects like:

● Contracts
● Property
● Business organization
● Bankruptcy
● Employment
● Ethical reasoning
● Decision-making

Further, this course will explore the concept of diversity, the role it plays in a business environment, and laws such as equal employment opportunity, which help to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

MG 413: Employment Law
An important cornerstone of the human resource management core courses at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, students will learn about historic regulations and legislation that affect HR professionals today. They’ll also gain an understanding of health and safety, pension reform, equal employment opportunities, employment insurance, and Social Security.

University of Alabama at Birmingham prepares students for careers in HR

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management through the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business online degree program can put young professionals on the right path for a successful career in HR management. To learn more about this program, reach out to an enrollment advisor today.

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