Krysten: Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us, and welcome to UAB’s live webcast, Undergraduate Admissions Made Easy. Please be sure that your computer speakers are unmuted. If you are experiencing or experience any technical difficulties during this webcast, please click on the help icon for more assistance. If you have any questions, please be sure to type them in the Q&A bar located on this page. Once the presentation has concluded, we will be able to answer those at the end. You will also be able to obtain a link to a recording of this webinar, and it would also be emailed to you within 24 to 48 business hours.

With that being said, let’s get started. On today’s agenda, we’ll be covering important topics such as UAB’s term overview, important admissions requirements, key items to ensure your application has successfully been completed, and a few additional tips and frequently asked questions. Again, once the presentation has been concluded, there will be a live Q&A with an expert enrollment advisor.

The University of Alabama Birmingham Collat School of Business currently offers several 100% online undergraduate programs, which are accounting, finance, information systems, industrial distributor, management, marketing, and human resource management. These program are offered to students during three distinct entry points or semesters, which are spring, summer, and fall.

Your enrollment advisor can work with you to determine which entry point will be best suited for your needs. However, we strongly encourage getting started as soon as possible. Once you have started courses at UAB, they are divided up into terms that can range from 7, 10, and 14 weeks.

Classes with a duration of seven weeks will mostly be geared towards upper level core classes associated with your program, and classes with a duration of 14 weeks will be geared towards your general education courses that are required to complete your degree program.

As stated previously, your enrollment advisor can help you determine which entry point works best for you. However, we strongly recommend you get started as soon as possible. Our next upcoming session begins May 7th, and the deadline to apply is April 1st.

Next, we will discuss the undergraduate admissions requirements. For new and incoming freshmen, the requirements needed to be eligible for admission are a high school GPA of a 2.25 on a 4.0 scale, ACT scores of at least a 20 or better, and SAT scores of a 950 or higher in critical reading and math. We do require that you request an official copy of your high school transcripts to be sent for review. If you were home-schooled, we also require that the credentials of your home school instructor be included.

Now, for incoming freshmen, we do also accept GED completion as long as it is state-approved and you have a score of a 520 or better. Now, for our non-traditional freshmen population, that is anyone who has been out of school for at least four years or more and have not attended college or have attended college but have earned less than 24 semester hours, we require at least a 2.75 GPA from your most recent academic institution. We would also require an official copy of any high school and college transcripts from any previously attended schools.

Now, for students who are looking to transfer into our undergraduate programs, we do require a minimum of 24 transferrable credit hours, a GPA of at least a 2.0 or better, and be in good standing will all previously attended colleges or universities, meaning no outstanding balances or negative academic standings, such as probations or dismissals.

Application checklist. Now, to successfully complete the admissions process, you must complete the undergraduate application. Here are a few key items needed to successfully do so. Number one, again, you must complete the entire undergraduate application. I have included a step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete each section of the application located under the resources tab on this page.

Number two, you will need to be sure that you have requested an official copy of all transcripts from any previously attended schools. The address to where those should be sent is Box 99, 1702 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, Alabama, zip code 35294. If you are an incoming freshman who has graduated in four years or less, please also send a copy of your ACT and SAT scores to the following school codes. ACT should be sent to 0056. SAT should be sent to 1856. Don’t forget, you must pay the nonrefundable application fee of $30, or your application will not be considered complete.

Some important tips to keep in mind is that each step of the application should be completed as soon as possible to allow our admissions team ample amount of time to review your qualifications before the start of the term and before any deadlines. You must also remember to order any and all official transcripts from previously attended schools, colleges, universities. To ensure your application process goes seamlessly, please send screenshots or pictures by email of transcript requests and confirmation of application fee paid to your enrolling advisor.

Now, I know we’ve covered quite a bit of information today, but just to reiterate some important dates to remember are April 1st, the application deadline, and May 7th, the start of the summer session. If you do have specific questions that were not answered today, please be sure to reach out to your enrollment advisor or click the link below to schedule an appointment with them today. We will now open up the floor to questions.

Okay, so it does look like we have a few questions coming in. The first question, “Where can I access the application?” The application can be accessed in the box titled Resource List. You will be able to find a link that takes you directly to the application page. Once you’ve been able to access this link, you can also use the step-by-step guide to help you successfully complete the entire application.

Okay, we have another question. “How soon should I start on my application?” So, to answer that question, your application for admission should be completed as soon as possible. We suggest students submit an application within 24 to 48 hours, if possible.

Okay, looks like we do have another question. “Is there a special advisor for transfer students?” That’s a great question. You are able to work with any enrollment advisor whether you be transfer, non-traditional, or incoming freshman. So, no, there is no particular advisor that works specifically with transfer students.

We do have another question. “I’ve been accepted. When is the earliest I can enroll in classes?” You can actually enroll for our summer start, which begins May 7th, so you can start as soon as possible. Remember, the application deadline for the summer session is April 1st.

We do have another question. “What is the process if I am only wanting to take a few courses?” That’s a great question. As an enrollment advisor, we work specifically with helping you through the admissions process. Once you are accepted and all of your supporting documents have been received and you’ve gone through the admissions process, we then will be able to transfer you to your academic advisor who will help you get registered for classes.

We do have another question. “Can I receive a copy of this webinar to my email?” Yes, of course you can. There’ll actually be a link sent out with this recorded webcast sent to your email within 24 to 48 hours.

Okay, we have another question, a great question. “As a transfer student with over 24 hours, should I still fill out the undergraduate application, or is there a special one for transfer students?” The undergraduate application that you will fill out, once you go to the application link that’s located on the page, you will be able to select whether you are a freshman, non-traditional student, or a transfer student.

When you do access the link that’s present on the page and that you can also again find under the resources tab on this webcast, you’ll be able to go to the undergraduate tab under Apply Now. You’ll also be able to see three separate tabs for freshman, non-traditional, and transfer. If you are a transfer student, you can select the transfer tab, and that will take you directly to the undergraduate application to where you will click Apply Online Now to successfully complete the application as a transfer student.

So, we have another question. “How long does it take to know if you are accepted?” Great question. A decision can only be made regarding acceptance once we have received all of the required documents and the application fee has been submitted and paid. Once these documents have been received and application fee paid, we anticipate a turnaround time of at least three to five business days.

We do have one more question. After this question, we will wrap up and conclude this webcast, but the question states, “Can I apply if I have a GED?” The answer is yes. You can apply if you have a GED as long as it is state-approved, and you have a score of at least a 520 or better. So, yes, UAB does accept GED candidates.

Okay, so I’ll leave it open for a few more minutes just for any last-minute questions.

We do have another question. “How many credits will transfer? How many credits will have to be taken from your school?” That is a great question. So with regards to transfer students, when it comes to evaluating transcripts and transfer credit, we do have individuals who work specifically with evaluating transcripts. Transcript credit eligibility is at the discretion of the university. So what we do is once we have received your official transcripts, we will be able to have those evaluated to let you know specifically if they are eligible for transfer into your program.

Okay, so we do have another question. “Is there a preference between paper or electronic transcripts, and where would an e-transcript be sent if that is the preferred method?” That is a great question. We do actually accept electronic transcripts. We also accept paper transcripts as well. Now, if you are looking to send in an electronic transcript, that can be sent to

Okay, we do have another question. “Where can I find out the cost per semester hour?” Great question. You can visit to find the cost per semester hour for the undergraduate degree program.

If you have any additional questions related to costs, you can reach out to your enrollment advisor, and they should be able to assist you further.

We do have another question. “There seem to be many subsites for students. Which site is for enrolling in courses?” That is a great question. We do actually allow students to work very closely with their academic advisors in order to be registered for classes. So any questions that you have related to enrolling in courses or registration can be directed to your academic advisor once you have completed the admissions process.

We do have another question. “Do you all offer military spouse discounts?” Great question. We do recommend that any questions related to military discounts or VA discounts or tuition be directed to our Veterans’ Affairs office.

Your enrollment advisor can provide you with additional information on how to get in contact with them if you do have further questions related to that.

Okay, another question has just come in. “I am joining your school because of my employer will cover my tuition. Do I need to speak with them mostly, or should I call the school for more direct information on everything that I would need to know?” Great question. What I would actually recommend is to reach out to your enrollment advisor, let them know that you will be receiving tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance to cover the cost of your program, and they will direct you to the right avenues to help you with that.

We’ll leave the Q&A session open for one more minute to see if there are any more questions. Please feel free to ask any additional questions.

Okay, so it doesn’t look like we have any additional questions, so I will go ahead and conclude our live webcast presentation of Undergraduate Admissions Made Easy. We appreciate you for joining us. We hope you’ve benefited from this very valuable information. Again, please feel free to reach out and contact us with any additional questions or use the link in this webcast to schedule an appointment with your advisor. Thank you so much, again, for joining us. Have an amazing day.