Top Businesses To Be In

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A business degree is one of the most flexible options out there. Any organization in any industry — from marine biology to theatre — needs people managing the books, marketing, and production. However, there are some industries that are growing faster than others. Start looking into these four fields if you want to quickly find a job that offers a good paycheck and long-term security.

Computer Systems Analysis

It’s almost impossible to live in modern society without a computer. As more and more jobs are replaced with technology, the need for people to manage these systems and improve them is growing. Computer systems analysis isn’t just for the IT department anymore; for example, employees use knowledge gained through MBA programs to improve purchase paths and employee systems, thereby optimizing them for maximum productivity and profit.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job outlook for this field will grow 25 percent between 2012 and 2022. The median pay for this position in 2012 was nearly $80,000 per year. That amount will increase as companies look for more people to fill jobs.

Tasting Room Management

Millennials have changed the way that we drink wine. They are consuming more wine than previous generations, causing wineries to change the way they produce and bottle their products. As a result, winery production managers are in demand to meet this growing need. With little more than an MBA, a pallet for wine, and a significant amount of determination, you can succeed in this industry — and make more than $85,000 annually.

The best part of entering the wine industry is that you don’t have to do it alone. Celebrities like Lil’ Jon and Fergie own Vineyardsand look for people to handle the management aspects. They are the big name that does the marketing, and you handle the production and finance. Plus, you can tie into the rising trend to buy local foods and support small businesses. With the right know-how and some savvy marketing, your wines could one day be known all over the country.

Health Services Management

Healthcare has become more than a hot debate for politicians, it’s one of the country’s fastest growing industry. On top of nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, the need for production and management positions is also growing. In larger facilities, a health services manager might lead a single department, or (with smaller facilities) manage an entire institution.

This job not only ensures that wait time and costs are kept to a minimum, but also ensures that patients are receiving the best treatment possible and are feeling cared for. If you have an MBA but also want to help people, start looking into the healthcare industry.

The average annual salary for a health services manager is $84,000 and the field is expected to grow 16% by 2018.

Training and Development Management

If you have enjoyed your education and want to leverage your MBA to teach others, consider becoming a training and development manager. This job is increasingly important as employees don’t stay with the same companies throughout their careers. In older generations, a person stayed with a company for decades, but most grads only expect to stay one or two years at their first job.

As a training and development manager, you will work to onboard new employees, cross-train current ones in different departments, and improve the skills of everyone in the company. In this position, you can truly help people grow. You can expect an annual salary of $95,400 annually, or $45/hr.

Which of these growing industries interests you most? Are there other industries that you think will grow even faster?