4 Career Doors a Management Degree in Information Systems Can Open

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Technology is increasingly prevalent in American culture, so it’s no surprise that information technology (IT) jobs are on the rise. At the same time, there is an increased need for information systems (IS) managers to help coordinate and execute company plans. Technology is at the epicenter of almost all job sectors, so there are also a variety of management careers available. In fact, IS management jobs are not exclusive to the technology industry. Consider the top four career doors you can knock on with a degree in IS Management.

Computer and Information Systems

Computer and IS management is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world of management. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 15 percent growth in the field by 2022. The median pay is around $120,950 annually, and most managers have at least a bachelor’s degree. Aside from managing IT professionals, managers in this sector are also responsible for coordinating and implementing computer activities. If you are interested in both management and computer technology, then this career is a fit for your degree.


The nation’s largest age group, the baby boomers, is getting older and is in need of more healthcare services. For this reason, the healthcare industry is one of the top job sectors in the country. Companies are responding to this demand by creating new opportunities in hospitals, geriatric care, and specialty practices. A management degree in information systems can lead you to management opportunities in healthcare, where you can help carry out new technologies used by on-site and contract employees.

Advertising and Marketing

Gone are the days when the public received all of its information from newspapers. The world of advertising and marketing is certainly changing, but it’s not going away. Professionals in the field are increasingly using technology to help reach the right target markets and create effective advertising campaigns. An IS manager makes sure that the technological aspect of these campaigns runs smoothly and efficiently. Not only will you work with IT, but you will also have the opportunity to work in a creative atmosphere with an additional focus on business management.

Training and Development Management

Another fast-paced, considerably diverse career option includes training and development management. Primary duties include training assessment and implementation for employees at seminars, as well as class development. Training and development managers even offer skills to company supervisors to help them better work with their own employees. While these types of managers work in almost every field, there is arguably a greater need in IS. Hospitality managers may also work in this field by traveling between different venues.This job is expected to grow at a steady rate, so there is room for opportunity once you have your degree.

IS management is one of the most sought-after jobs because the need for effective management is a necessity in today’s technological world. But before you can get in the door, you need to make sure you have the right skills and education to land your dream job.