The Benefits of Getting Your Master of Accounting Degree Online

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A master’s degree is a major achievement in any career, but a Master of Accounting degree is especially valuable to professionals in the accounting field. Not only does this graduate degree in Accounting help applicants qualify for the Certified Public Accounting exam, graduates pursue a variety of exciting career paths tied to the accounting profession. With 1.3 million jobs available in the field, a Master of Accounting degree can help graduates stand out from the pack when it comes to seeking their next opportunity.

There’s a major consideration for those seeking an advanced accounting degree to make before they take the next step on their educational path, however. An online accounting degree is a powerful option that addresses many of the needs of modern working professionals. Master of Accounting degree seekers must ask themselves: What are the benefits of getting an advanced accounting degree online?

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Why should active professionals consider an online accounting degree?

Adults already working in the accounting field have put in lots of hard work and long hours to get where they are today. Taking the next step forward in the industry can mean pursuing a higher-level degree to potentially open doors to more opportunities, like higher-level positions and sitting for the Certified Public Accountant exam. For professionals who have long-term career plans in mind, enhancing their education with a master’s degree is a prudent choice.

Of course, it can be difficult to manage the added responsibilities of becoming a student while maintaining stability at home and at work. With some days already packed full of tasks, it can be hard to adjust a schedule to include such an important and time-consuming commitment. That’s where an online accounting degree comes into play, aligning strongly with the needs of active professionals and providing a clear path toward the pursuit of a degree.

What are the benefits of an online accounting degree for graduate students?

One of the largest, and certainly the most immediately visible, advantage to an online degree is the flexibility the program offers. Students receive the exact same education as those earning a master’s degree on campus, but do so on their own time. With the ability to take courses anywhere, anytime – as long as a computer with internet access is available – students in the online Master of Accounting degree program don’t have to worry about class interfering with work schedules or personal needs. Every personal and professional responsibility can be addressed as needed, thanks to an asynchronous class structure.

Classes and associated assignments can be completed during times when a campus doesn’t traditionally operate; meaning nights and weekends are now an option for students to further their studies. Whether students in the program have demanding job schedules, plans with family and friends, hobbies, volunteer work, vacations or any number of other events in their lives, they can complete their coursework around those needs and maintain a positive balance.

Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of earning an accounting degree online. It’s vital for prospective students to understand the details related to each and every program they apply to, as everything from wording used on a degree to the coursework and professors involved in an online program can have a significant impact. The University of Alabama at Birmingham is proud to offer an online accounting degree experience that is identical to the on-campus program in terms of courses, expectations, quality of professors and the end results. The degree graduates earn is exactly the same, too – diplomas conferred to online learners don’t distinguish that they didn’t complete their degree on-campus. The distance between learners and campus is the only major difference between learning online and in Birmingham.

Technical issues, troubleshooting and related concerns are common considerations when prospective students consider an online path to a Master of Accounting degree. When students attend class, communicate with professors and fellow students and complete coursework digitally and on their own schedules, continued operation of computers and the ability to access materials at any time are both vital for success. The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers a 24/7 technical help desk with a wide range of expertise in recognition of those needs, ensuring students don’t encounter major, ongoing difficulties due to issues with technology or digital access to program materials.

In practical terms, there aren’t any notable disadvantages for accounting professionals who already hold undergraduate degrees to pursue the next step of their educational careers online. They juggle a variety of responsibilities that can make attending multiple classes in person over several semesters a difficult task. Students who are also employees, spouses and parents – among many other roles – have plenty of responsibilities to manage. Seeking an advanced degree online allows learners to continue to balance all aspects of their lives while introducing a new educational element.

Take the next step in your career with an online accounting degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham

It’s clear that graduate-level students not only gain an effective education from online programs, but their online learning experience is just as enriching and valuable as earning such a degree on campus. With the ability to learn at their own pace, complete classes and coursework during their free time, effectively discuss material with professors and fellow students as well as network within those groups, online students have all the major advantages that come with in-person learning.

For students who can’t make the move to live on or near campus in pursuit of their Master of Accounting degree, the value of an online learning option can’t be overstated. By offering a high-quality education anywhere in the country, UAB gives students the flexibility they need for individual classes and the program as a whole. Professionals who want to take the next step forward in their careers need to consider the value of this approach.

Earning an online Master of Accounting degree from UAB also offers the benefit of learning in an online graduate school environment ranked 22nd in the nation by U.S. News & World Report (2017), meaning it’s among the very best in the country. To learn more, get in touch with an advisor today to start your journey toward this graduate degree.

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