Did you know as a Collat School of Business online student, you have the ability to choose from 3 different faculty-led education abroad programs? Each option is open to all level students (freshman through graduate) and all majors. Gain valuable experiential learning for your degree program and learn more about these amazing opportunities.


My name is Jason Sheppard, I’m a junior here at the Collat School of Business and in the 100% online program. The study abroad trip was fantastic. It was life changing for sure. It gave you the opportunity to not only connect with the school but, also with the economies of Italy. We were studying the innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy. It gave you a whole different insight into foreign markets.

So I learned a lot about myself. How to connect with kids that you didn’t know, you know being 100% online, remote living outside of Birmingham. Doing the study abroad program really made me feel like a student, like I was really part of the UAB campus and a true Blazer.

Students who are depending or debating on getting involved in this program, I would definitely urge them to do it. It provides a whole different insight into the school, into your education, and it really again connects you back to the school. You won’t just feel like you’re doing a checklist, or the daily routine. You truly are a student and a Blazer.

So the opportunity to travel as well as study, kind of connect the mediums in a different way. Not just study a text book or read or listen to lectures, but to go to these companies and learn about how they operate and make business decisions in an economy very different from ours. When I read some of the details about the class and the trip to Italy, and the prospect of kind of connecting with business abroad, that’s what really solidified my decision to enroll.

So Dr. Bunn is wonderful. She’s loving, engaged, she wants you to truly understand the material, to grow from it and to be able to utilize it in your educational career as well as your professional career.

Traveling abroad as an American you sometimes have this preconceived notion of how you’ll be received. What we all found consistently in no matter what city, gas station, train station, everyone received us very well and they wanted you to enjoy yourself, they wanted you to experience the country, the language, the culture and truly walk away from your experience with a different idea and a different humbleness than you may have had before.

Do not be afraid. Pack your bags. Get on a plane and go somewhere. And if you can do it with an educational program like the study abroad with UAB, that is by far the best chance to do it.