Skills employers love in bachelor’s in accounting degree graduates

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There are certain skills that are particularly in demand among employers on the micro and macro levels. For students pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, some abilities and knowledge gained during the process can help them stand out from the pack when applying for a variety of jobs involving accounting and a number of related fields as well. As you consider seeking an accounting degree online, keep these skills in mind and make sure the program you select can offer effective education and training related to them.

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Desirable skills bachelor of accounting students develop

While all of the learning students engage in at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program is designed to help them prosper professionally, certain classes and specific skills are especially attractive for hiring managers and others in similar roles. They include:

Big-picture business comprehension

Accountants and those in a variety of related financial management and oversight roles are key players in a company’s long-term success. A strong understanding of everything from accounting principles to the latest technology is necessary for a high level of continued performance. However, truly successful professionals also have to understand how their roles play into the bigger picture of business operations as well.

As part of the Collat School of Business, UAB’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program makes sure students have a diverse educational experience that touches on all areas of modern business operations. Alongside a thorough learning experience that spans from the principles of accounting to a focus on various specializations within the profession, students are immersed in courses focused on marketing, information systems, legal business considerations, management processes and much more. The result is a strong understanding of how businesses function as a whole, which means program graduates make more informed decisions and can better communicate about broader business topics, as well as have a more holistic understanding of how their work impacts the organization as a whole.

Clear communication skills

Communicating with very technical, specific language and even accounting jargon is a useful strategy when working with professionals in the field. You can’t expect to have similar success when using such terms with people who don’t work in the accounting discipline, however. Most accounting roles eventually lead to situations where conversations and exchanges of messages with people outside of the department happen, whether frequently or occasionally, and you should to be equipped to engage in mutually understandable and beneficial communication with people who don’t understand the ins and outs of accounting.

The Business Communications course offered as part of UAB’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program, along with the more general business education offered, positions students to effectively communicate in both written and verbal formats with a wide variety of colleagues, managers and executives. Instead of focusing only on accounting, learners understand how to discuss these concepts in many different settings.

A strong grasp of current technology

Although roles can change greatly from one business to another, it’s common for graduates to face expectations related to technological competency and experience when moving into a new role. Whether or not you’re familiar with the specific systems used by the business that hires you after graduation, an understanding of similarly modern technology is far more valuable than limited or non-existent experience with it.

The Accounting Information Systems class devotes part of its syllabus to reviewing the emergent development of information technology related to the accounting profession. A variety of other classes and the Accounting Capstone course in particular, offer opportunities to use modern tools and become more comfortable with them in a variety of different accounting contexts.

Powerful interpersonal skills

Related to communication ability, although standing distinctly from it, interpersonal skills allow you to be a positive, supportive and able coworker with colleagues and managers alike. Technical accounting knowledge will always be the foundation of a successful career in the field, but the lack of ability to communicate effectively and work together with a variety of other people within the company means negative outcomes in terms of career stability and development.

Earning an online bachelor of accounting degree puts students in the position to collaborate and communicate with their professors and each other in many different settings, helping to foster professional-level interpersonal skills in an accounting-focused environment. The ability to successfully communicate information and coexist with other staff is critical to almost all workplace tasks, so this soft skill is highly regarded by nearly every employer.

Understanding the benefits of a focused, targeted approach to the bachelor of accounting degree

Developing general business skills makes graduates ready to take on the working world. That’s why we prioritize this type of learning in our online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program. There are plenty of opportunities to improve knowledge and abilities related to accounting and general business skills so students can enjoy a fully developed education. Courses that span from concepts of accounting to professional communication, leadership skills, involvement with current technology and many other relevant topics provides the broadest, most relevant learning base. Our full-time, experienced faculty and effective support structures – including a 24/7 technical help desk – make sure all students have the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability.

To learn more about the value of pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree at UAB, speak to an advisor today.

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