Online MBA Career Spotlight: Marketing Manager

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Becoming a marketing manager is an exciting career move that allows a marketing professional to take a greater hand in a company’s overall strategic direction with the potential of moving up to a higher salary bracket.

Marketing manager jobs are open to those who have strong educational and professional backgrounds in all elements of marketing and advertising work, from communication skills and project management ability to a keen grasp of marketing trends.

A marketing manager studies a metrics dashboard.

What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

A marketing manager should be both a strategic thinker and a hands-on contributor to a company’s marketing campaigns. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that demand for skilled marketing managers is high, as reflected in the $134,290 median salary for the position.

What Responsibilities Does a Marketing Manager Have?

Despite the differences between companies’ operational styles, marketing manager job descriptions contain a few consistent areas, as CareerBuilder points out:

  • Managers oversee the creation of new brand messaging, advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • The marketing department is responsible for overall social media use and monitoring feedback on these platforms.
  • Marketing managers work closely with internal and external contributors, such as sales teams and different vendors.
  • The marketing team also has input regarding the creation of new products and services, and performs market research on the existing offerings.

How Do You Become a Marketing Manager?

Marketing manager roles are demanding and require a high level of both education and work experience. The Balance notes that while it is possible to work toward management with a bachelor’s degree, it is recommended for candidates to have a master’s level education. A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing can give applicants a mixture of leadership competencies and department-specific insights.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Marketing Manager?

Becoming a marketing manager could likely take around 10 years or more, in related roles, The Balance reports. Working up through the ranks while building a strong educational background through an online degree program, is one way to approach this career path.

Why Should Prospective Marketing Managers Earn an MBA?

With an MBA — or an EMBA for working professionals — marketing manager salary and responsibility increases may become more attainable for professionals. In an online MBA program with a concentration in marketing, expert faculty members deliver up-to-date insights on the state of marketing today, as well as the personal skills needed to effectively provide leadership in a business setting.

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