Online MBA Career Spotlight: Marketing Manager

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At first glance, there may not appear to be many similarities between the tech giant Apple, the publishing company Penguin Random House, and the popular celebrity news outlet E! Entertainment. But upon closer inspection, they have one factor in common: all three market their products to capture audience attention.

The people responsible for marketing company brands, products or services are known as marketing managers. They are in charge of the development, distribution, and brand recognition for their company’s products or services.

Marketing managers work with sales agents, writers, art directors, and other staff to manage content and development. They oversee advertising budgets, concepts, projects, and communication between company managers, clients, and vendors.

For those in marketing who wish to advance in their careers toward a management position, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online MBA program offers an excellent opportunity. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in marketing can provide students with the critical thinking and analytical skills they need to be successful as marketing managers.

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Marketing Managers Vs. Marketing Directors

Marketing managers and marketing directors may share similar titles, but the way each position is defined depends on the size and structure of a company.

Larger companies that have more than one product line or brand typically have a single marketing director who oversees several marketing managers. But at mid- and small-sized companies, there may be just one person overseeing the marketing department so the title could be either manager or director, depending on company policy.

Qualifications And Necessary Skills

Organizations seeking to hire a marketing manager usually expect applicants to have a degree in business administration, marketing management, or advertising, as well as many years of professional experience in the field, preferably for multiple firms. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar major is required for marketing managers, but many employers prefer a Master of Business Administration (MBA), the personal finance website reports.

Some of the most crucial skills for marketing managers to have, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), are:

Communication skills: Marketing managers should be able to communicate their expectations and plans of action to a diverse team of managers and staff members regarding promotions, marketing, and advertising.
Creativity: Producing inventive concepts to capture and hold the public’s attention is a key responsibility for marketing managers and their staff.
Analytical skills: Marketing managers should be able to examine industry trends to determine strategies for their product line or company.
Decision-making skills: The best marketing managers are decisive but open-minded. They often have to decide between competing advertising and marketing ideas presented by their staff.
Organizational skills: Effectively managing their time and budget is crucial for marketing managers because they frequently work on several projects simultaneously to meet a variety of deadlines.

Duties And Responsibilities

A marketing manager’s primary duties consist of supervising marketing personnel, developing sales strategies, and researching and advancing market plans and opportunities.

Marketing managers have numerous daily responsibilities. The BLS lists some of the most prominent ones, as follows:

• Overseeing marketing staff
• Enforcing all current marketing procedures and policies
• Implementing quality, production, customer service, and productivity standards
• Forecasting sales and marketing financial goals
• Providing market predictions and managing the acquisition, study, and analysis of market data
• Maintaining relations with clients
• Assembling marketing information
• Projecting anticipated sales profit and volume for new and current products to determine gross-profit and annual plans
• Keeping tabs on the present and anticipated actions, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors

Salary Range And Work Hours

The median annual salary for marketing managers is just over $96,000, according to Managers on the low end make around $83,700 while those at the upper end of the range earn around $113,000.

Marketing directors’ salaries range between $115,800 and $157,280 with the median coming in at $135,192.

Compensation can vary widely, however, depending on company size, location, and a variety of other factors.

Most marketing managers work full time during typical business hours, but may have to work early for meetings or late to finish projects, the career website Career Builder said in What’s It Like Being A Marketing Manager?

Job Outlook And Real-Life Examples

The BLS projects the employment of marketing managers and directors to grow by nine percent by 2024. Marketing manager and director positions are highly sought-after, and those who are presently looking to land a job can anticipate competition.

As the field grows, job applicants seeking a managerial position would do well to have an MBA degree and experience working in both traditional and online marketing. Some companies might need several marketing managers to handle print, television, and social media accounts.

Such is the case with Apple, Penguin Random House, and E!. All three companies employ large marketing departments that handle common marketing efforts such as advertising and social media. But the companies also focus on industry-specific undertakings. Apple’s marketing department works on cultivating developer relations, while Penguin Random House prioritizes bookstore marketing and E! concentrates on online streaming capabilities.

About the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Online MBA Degree Program

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online MBA program offers concentrations in finance, management information systems, marketing, and health services, as well as a general track. The online setting allows prospective marketing managers who are pursuing their MBA degree to learn from experienced faculty while maintaining their busy work schedules.

For more information, visit the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online MBA program website.

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