How does accessing an online MBA program anywhere and anytime benefit students?

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An online MBA degree is attractive to mature students who have families, careers, and other obligations, for a number of reasons. From the ability to progress through the program at an individually set pace to its asynchronous nature allowing students to study and complete coursework whenever they have free time available, an online degree allows learners to balance their many potential professional and personal obligations while furthering their education. Let’s take a closer look at why the ability to access the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online Master of Business Administration program anywhere and at any time is a crucial factor for creating the best possible conditions for educational success.

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Detailing the benefits of an online MBA

One of the best ways to understand how a flexible online MBA program benefits students who are also building careers, families, and lives in their communities is to compare this type of learning to the traditional, on-campus style of education. A strong understanding of the benefits of each type of degree program reveals how an online MBA option is frequently more in line with the wants and needs of more mature students.

Comparing online and traditional degree programs

In a general sense, there are many positives that come along with the traditional, on-campus approach to higher learning. Some of the more foundational advantages include:

  • Close physical proximity to classrooms, libraries, study spaces, fellow students, and other educational resources
  • An immersive environment where everyone on campus is focused on learning and earning some type of degree, which is conducive to full-time learning
  • The ability to visit professors during their office hours and seek out other forms of specialized help to support the development of knowledge and earning a degree

For students entering an undergraduate program for the first time, these elements of on-campus education can be especially important. They have no prior exposure to the rigor or involvement required for earning a degree, and an immersive experience can offer some significant assistance in terms of adjusting to an undergraduate education.

For MBA students, however, these advantages are less pronounced and even irrelevant in many instances. Because all learners in MBA programs already have significant undergraduate experience, they don’t need to acclimate in the same way to the rigor of a degree program. Mature students have already developed study habits and time management skills, as well as workflows for studying, starting discussions with professors, and collaborating on group projects. In general, people working toward an MBA have already taken advantage of their undergraduate careers to become more independent, secure, and capable students. This allows them to find success in a variety of learning environments.

Why an online MBA makes sense for active professionals

After earning an undergraduate degree, the next step for many students is to enter the working world. With increased stability and a career path ahead of them, young professionals may also develop their personal lives, potentially finding a spouse and having children, as well as increasing their involvement in their local communities. A full plate of personal and professional responsibilities mean it’s simply impractical to return to a full-time learning environment at a campus. That’s why an online option is so important for getting an MBA while working.

An online MBA program offers an effective combination of the foundational educational elements needed to earn the degree and apply the relevant knowledge in the workplace with a flexible, individualized approach to completing the learning process. Students who choose the University of Birmingham at Alabama’s online MBA degree complete the coursework on their own schedule, deciding how many classes they take each semester while considering the larger context of their other responsibilities and obligations.

The flexibility of this style of learning goes beyond the number of courses students carry at any given time. Maintaining even a part-time class schedule as a professional can be unsustainable if those courses require students to attend at specific times, especially during regular working hours. The asynchronous approach used to share course material means students can learn on their own time. Whether you regularly have free time early in the morning, late in the evening, on weekends or have to adapt to a regularly changing schedule, you can choose the best part of the day to focus on working toward your MBA degree. There are certain times when collaboration with other students is encouraged or required, but tools like internal messaging systems and email make even these instances manageable for professionals with full plates.

Why earning your online MBA with UAB is a great decision

UAB is proud to offer an online MBA degree that takes the needs of modern professionals into account, allowing them the necessary flexibility and customization to pursue this valuable degree on their own terms. A framework that aligns with the needs of professionals is vital to successfully complete this program, but so is a high-quality educational experience. UAB brings together highly regarded instructors, a curriculum focused on the diverse nature of the modern economy in the context of business leadership, and concentrations that focus on Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Health Services, along with a General Track.

To learn more about the benefits of the UAB online MBA program, get in touch with an enrollment advisor today.

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