Five Finance Blogs to Follow Now

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Though you might not think of finance as a social career, many professionals in the field have developed an engaging social presence. The democratization and accessibility of the internet gives experts from all industries a platform for sharing information in real time, allowing for timely commentary on topics as developments occur. With a mix of news stories, personal opinions, humor, and advice, it can be a well-curated source of updates and your RSS feed can act as an information aggregator – but only if you know who to follow.

The Conscience of a Liberal – Who better to distill the complicated world of finance into more digestible posts than a Nobel Laureate. Paul Krugman’s blog on the New York Times doesn’t focus on individual finances the way some other financial bloggers do, but he’s an authoritative voice on the macroeconomic landscape of the United States and how its policies interact with and affect the global economy. Essential reading for any student who wants to be informed on world affairs.

Freakonomics – Most people have heard of the best selling book, but did you know that the authors also run a comprehensive blog? Following the successful format of the book, the blog explores many of the everyday occurrences that we take for granted and puts an economic spin on them, demonstrating their financial impact.

Free Exchange – It’s no surprise that one of the finest news sources in the world also publishes one of the best finance blogs. The Economist has set the standard for journalism for nearly 200 years and their blog’s correspondents “consider the fluctuations in the world economy and the policies intended to produce more booms than busts.”

Money Crashers – With one of the largest repositories of informative articles, Money Crashers is one of the better finance blogs on the internet today. Their mission is to help guide individuals to make financially sound decisions, educating them about about credit and debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance, spending, and more.

Felix Salmon – Host of Slate’s Money Podcast, Salmon’s insight into the world of finance is an invaluable resource. He analyzes economic, financial, and social issues and provides commentary on their intersection. He often tackles complex issues, but translates them into a language that makes them easier for the rest of us to grasp.