FAQs about the Master of Accounting (MAc) enrollment process

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Enrolling in a Master of Accounting program can be a major step forward in the career of accountants from a variety of backgrounds. Whether involved in banking, nonprofits, the private sector or a local, state or federal government agency, a Master of Accounting degree can provide graduates with the additional skills and experience necessary to further their careers.

Seeking a master-level degree is a new process for many applicants, and there are many common questions asked by potential enrollees. To that end, here is a review of frequently asked questions about the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Master of Accounting program, along with a matching set of helpful answers.

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Q: Why choose accounting?

A: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for an additional 166,700 accounting jobs across the country by 2022. That increase is on top of the existing accounting positions in the U.S., which is currently around 1 million. Accounting as a profession has strong projected growth. The regular need for accountants by nearly every type of business and nonprofit organization, regardless of current or forecasted future economic conditions, means the profession as a whole is viewed as a stable and growing field — an excellent combination.

Accountants will always be in demand. Whether you already work in the field or want to turn a passion for numbers and math into a career, a Master of Accounting degree can help you the next step toward turning your dream into a reality.

Tapping into the many career paths and positions the accounting profession has to offer at more advanced levels is also often a quicker process than the academic paths many other advanced degree holders have to follow. Obtaining the Certified Public Accountant qualification means a similar level of prestige and career opportunities to those other terminal degrees, but requires significantly less time than does the degree work required to get dental, medical and legal titles.

Q: What academic qualifications do I need to enroll in the Master of Accounting program?

A: The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers two qualification options for potential students seeking a Master of Accounting degree. The first is relatively simple: A bachelor degree in accounting from a college or university accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International during the five years that immediately precede the first semester of enrollment.

Read on to the next question to learn about UAB’s bridge program for students who don’t meet the requirements set by the first option described above.

Q: Do I need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to apply to the Master of Accounting program?

A: While students with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree have additional background and experience, UAB’s Master of Accounting program is open to any student with an existing bachelor’s degree that qualifies and is willing to participate in our bridge program. For students in these circumstances, a genuine interest in the accounting field and a desire to take on the degree requirements are more important than past experience.

To qualify for the bridge program, students must have a GMAT score of 500 or above. They must also supply transcripts for all post-secondary education and a copy of their resume or curriculum vitae, as well as complete the program application. At the discretion of the Accounting Department, some of the bridge program requirements may be waived.

Q: Can I complete the UAB Master of Accounting degree program online?

A: In many situations, one of the most difficult parts of obtaining an advanced degree is the time commitment. Most working professionals simply don’t have the time or flexibility to follow a traditional college schedule.

The UAB Master of Accounting program offers participants the opportunity to obtain an online accounting degree 100 percent online. This gives the necessary flexibility for learners to have a clear path toward a degree. The Masters of Accounting program online also offers a 24/7 technical help desk. That means no matter when or where students participate in lessons, homework and assessments, they have the support to access and complete those tasks and assignments.

Q: What advantages does the Master of Accounting program offer outside of direct classroom instruction?

A: UAB’s online Master of Accounting program goes further to give students as many resources and opportunities as possible.

For prospective and new students, the bridge program is a major asset that allows a wider variety of students to participate and reap the benefits of such a powerful degree. Alongside the bridge program is a flexible transfer credit policy that further helps prospective students gain credit for past work and qualify for the Master of Accounting degree program. Scholarships are also available to qualified candidates, ensuring the top potential students aren’t turned away for practical reasons.

Once students are enrolled and taking classes, UAB provides a faculty of industry experts — many of whom have been recognized with various industry awards. Through the Collat School of Business, a number of networking opportunities exist, helping learners extend their professional reach and investigate interesting opportunities as soon as they come across them.

The Master of Accounting program also offers preparation for professional certification tests, including the CPA examination. While CPA qualifications differ from state to state and it’s important for individual students to understand the licensing requirements for the state in which they expect to work, this additional support and assistance is vital for increasing chances of success.

Q: Why does UAB’s Master of Accounting program stand out among offerings from similar schools?

A: UAB’s Master of Accounting program is highly competitive and regarded. Our AACSB-certified program is one of the top accreditations an institute of higher learning can earn for its business programs.

US News & World Report ranks UAB as No. 22 in its “Best Online Graduate Business Programs” for 2017. UAB is also recognized for the diversity of its applicants, with the Princeton Review naming the university as one of the top 10 universities in the U.S. for diversity for four consecutive years.

Enrolling in UAB’S Master of Accounting program

Ready to take the next step and learn more about applying to UAB’s Master of Accounting program? Contact an advisor today to begin your journey toward the next step in your career.

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