Dr. Scott Boyar Discusses the Online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management Program

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UAB Collat School of Business. Knowledge that will change your world. Online Human Resource Management Program.Scott Boyar:

There’re number of unique things about our program here at UAB. First of all we have a very collegial group of faculty who are very committed to working with the students and building high quality programs. We also are very fortunate to have a very engaged professional community that works closely with our faculty and is available for our students to support them as they begin the process of building their careers. As an HR professional myself, I’m interested in preparing our students for their careers in the field of human resources and I’ve committed my professional career and my academic career to becoming an expert in the field of human resource management.

This is a great time to earn a degree in human resource management. Organizations are interested in investing in their most important asset, their people because all organizations need high quality people and so human resources focusing on developing that important resource, that asset for organizations to ensure they’re successful. UAB has devoted resources to ensure that our online students are supported and highly engaged. This includes a team on instructional designers, highly engaged advisors, and faculty who interact with our online students on a regular basis through very creative course design. So there’re a lot of opportunities for students, online students, to interact with their fellow students and a faculty member on a regular basis. In fact, many faculty have virtual office hours to provide an opportunity for our online students to engage one-on-one with our faculty members.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from UAB, provides our students an enormous benefit. They have a marketable degree that they can present to potential or perspective employers that demonstrates that they have the knowledge and the skills and the abilities and be successful in a career in human resources. And UAB is very well respected and we have employers that seek our students that are interested in hiring our students and in fact do hire our students.

The other thing that’s interesting about our students and their career prospects is that someone with a degree in HR has enormous opportunities to work in a small or a large organization, whether it’s private or public, and it’s not limited to a specific industry. So a student with a HR degree can work across a wide spectrum of industries and organizations and this provides our students an enormous opportunity.

We’re very proud of our program. We spent a lot of time building and developing this program. We’ve worked with our local partners, our HR professionals in the community to build this program and we’re aligned with the National Society for Human Resource Management, meeting their standards and expectations. And so we feel we’ve built a rigorous comprehensive program that is preparing our students to be successful in the field of human resource management.