Dr. Michele Bunn Discusses the Online Bachelor of Science in Marketing Program

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UAB Collat School of Business. Knowledge that will change your world. Online Marketing Program.Michele Bunn:

What I think is unique about the marketing program here at UAB and the Collat School of Business is that we truly have faculty from a broad range of fields in marketing from consumer marketing to business to business marketing. This includes a lot of the areas of social media, sales management, and we sort of cut across all those fields with our faculty expertise. The way that we keep our students engaged is that our faculty are present just as much for the online students as we are for the traditional classroom based students.

We use all the tools and techniques to engage the students so professors have recorded their lectures, using discussion wards and groups, using video teleconferencing for virtual classroom sessions. When students think about a focus in marketing, a major in marketing, they often have a preconceived notion that marketing is only about advertising. Once they take that introduction course they learn that marketing is much more than advertising.

Really, the complete change in marketing is that people think of marketing now as serving instead of selling. The idea of marketing is serving not selling ties into many of these other concepts about customer relationship management and engaging the customer, having the customer feel passionate about your company and your brand, engaging the customer to read your content and to generate content for you. I think students can find a passion where they’re excited about their careers and their jobs every day and the job prospects look very good especially when you get into things like digital marketing.

That’s explosive. The value that I see from a degree at the Collat School of Business is really giving students the foundation for what they need to succeed and opening the doors. I think with our reputation and all of the students that we’ve placed throughout the years that the Collat School of Business has a good brand name if we’re talking about brand names and marketing. And that students have the foundation they need.

We have a range of courses that give them not just technical skills, but also some creative skills and also professional skills. That combination in the marketing major and in all majors these courses are required I think really produces a well-rounded business person that can hit the ground running in a company.