Careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting

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A Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree can be the first step toward a variety of careers in the professional world, including positions such as accountant and financial analyst. The skills students learn while pursuing an accounting degree online can form a strong foundation for future professional growth, providing vital knowledge and experience that makes preparing for a specific professional role less daunting and more manageable. Graduates have a variety of options to pursue in the working world, thanks to the broad-based accounting education they can receive through the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Popular bachelor’s in accounting jobs

Although the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree can sound very specific, it helps students develop abilities that can be applied in a number of different roles. The most obvious is as an accountant, whether taking a role directly after graduation or pursuing a Certified Public Accountant designation and working in that capacity. There are many other roles related to financial and business management that students may also be interested in. With the U.S. Department of Labor projecting a 10 percent growth rate for the field of accountants and auditors from 2016-2026 — higher than the average for all professions — there should be plenty of current and future opportunities to seek out.

Staff accountant

One of the more common accounting degree jobs, staff accountants and those in similar roles address a variety of core accounting needs for their employers. Their responsibilities include analyzing of financial records, preparing documents displaying such analysis, reporting to managers and potentially senior leadership about financial developments uncovered during research, management and use of financial recordkeeping systems, and many other, similar actions. This position requires the education provided through a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree as well as specific skills students can develop in the program, ranging from proficiency with math and clerical systems to critical thinking and group coordination of tasks. Students in UAB’s online program can gain valuable experience putting their skills to use through participation in the final-semester capstone course.

The accounting field as a whole, including staff accountants, CPAs, auditors, and others in many similar roles, employs nearly 1.4 million people across the U.S. That means there are many opportunities for students graduating from programs that provide a strong educational background.

Staff auditor

The staff auditor role focuses on examining and analyzing a company’s financial records, along with creating various documents to share both a general overview of business operations and specific details about the organization’s successes, difficulties, and opportunities for improvement, as well as any regulatory issues. Auditors can directly help businesses, whether they perform these tasks internally or for a second company contracted by their employer, by identifying areas of duplicated effort and spending, poor controls in various financial contexts, and other potential compliance and spending issues. Auditors rely on skills they first develop during their undergraduate careers, including deductive reasoning, problem sensitivity and identification, active learning throughout the audit process, systems analysis, and more. Communication skills and a strong understanding of how modern businesses operate, very non-specific yet important abilities for auditors, are also fostered in UAB’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting program.

About half of auditors hold bachelor’s degrees as their highest level of educational attainment, meaning there are plenty of options for graduates to immediately enter the working world following graduation. Grouped as part of the broader accounting field in BLS projections, auditing roles show strong growth for the future compared to the overall average for all careers, which means students have many potential avenues to pursue following graduation.

Other jobs for accounting majors

An accounting degree can lead to a variety of other career paths for graduates, including roles like financial analyst, cost estimator, and budget analyst. The duties can differ to a significant degree. For example, a cost estimator generally focuses on a specific industry and gathers specific information related to determining the final cost of producing a good or service, from consumer packaged goods to the construction of large buildings. While this job doesn’t share many day-to-day similarities with traditional accounting and auditing roles, it draws on many of the same abilities first cultivated during the pursuit of an undergraduate degree in accounting. The same is true for financial and budget analysts. While they focus on a specific aspect of overall operations, the skills they use come from a strong background in accounting.

One of the biggest benefits for those who successfully complete a Bachelor of Science in Accounting is the variety of potential career opportunities that require such a degree as an essential qualification. Students aren’t limited to one specific role in the professional world — they can seek out an opportunity that presents the best alignment of their skills, knowledge, and interests.

A modern, flexible approach to learning at UAB

Among the many diverse careers with an accounting degree available in the modern economy is one constant: the need for strong undergraduate education. UAB provides a flexible, supportive educational environment with a totally asynchronous schedule, meaning you pursue your accounting degree online at the pace that best suits your overall needs. When you can manage existing personal and professional responsibilities alongside your pursuit of an accounting degree, you’re in a better position to successfully address all major needs. To learn more, speak with an advisor today.

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