7 Reasons You Should Choose Accounting

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Students have longer now than any other time in history to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most colleges allow you to attend full-time for two years before declaring a major, and many people decide to pursue a new or second career well into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. If you’re asking this question (or your family is asking for you), here are some good reasons to consider a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a master’s degree in accounting.

1. Accounting is found in almost every industry in the world.


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What do filmmakers, artists, sports organizations and figures, the FBI, zoos and veterinarians, restaurants, tech companies, manufacturing, racing enterprises, book publishers, farms, hotels and resorts, and every other business on earth have in common? They all need accountants. No matter what you’re passionate about, or where on earth you’d like to live, you’ll be able to find work in accounting.

2. The demand for people who are good at things like math and statistics is rising.

Remember in high school when the only friends you had, were the ones who wanted to cheat off your math tests? In accounting, the nerds are the heroes. Accountants help keep the business solvent, protect the company from the IRS and other auditors, and assure everyone gets a paycheck. Want to be the most popular guy/gal on the block? Be the one who issues the annual bonuses.

3. Some accountants only do four months of work per year, but still take a year’s salary.

CPAs who help businesses and individuals file their income taxes have brutal lives from January through April. But after that, there’s little to be done at all. If you’re willing to work extremely hard for one-quarter of the year, you can make a full year’s pay and spend the rest of the year pretending you’re unemployed. Even full-time staff accountants usually have periods of little pressure.

4. Accounting is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get those coveted letters added to your name.

Achieving a DDS or DMD in dental school takes about 6 years. An MD in medical school takes 7-9 years. Getting ESQ or JD attached through law school takes about 8 years. However, you can get CPA attached to your moniker in just four years, and less in accelerated programs.

5. Accountants start out with a pretty decent starting salary.

The average accountant starts out at $53,300 per year, which is considerably higher than the $45,327 average pay for all college graduates.

6. Some of your work can actually done on the golf course (or even on somebody’s boat)

Depending on what industry you end up in, clients and bosses often prefer to talk with their accountants away from the office. Some like the privacy and others just prefer to chat while wielding a driver or helm. It’s quite common for accountants to be invited to fun places like these to mix a bit of business with a healthy dose of pleasure.

7. The need for accountants isn’t going away anytime soon.

When tough times hit, companies start swinging axes at any jobs that aren’t necessary for survival. Not only are accountants one of the most crucial jobs in any business, but the accountants are needed to help decide who can go and who needs to stay. In fact, Salary.com lists accounting as the number one recession-proof career.

Therefore, if you have a head for numbers, a heart for earning a good paycheck, and a will to live life on your terms, accounting just might be perfect for you. Visit the UAB website to learn how you can earn an accounting degree online while keeping your current position.