4 Apps That All Accountants Need

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From juggling numerous tasks in a single workday to keeping up with increased workloads during tax season, accountants have a lot on their plates. Luckily, there are a number of apps on the market that can help make your work life a little easier. With accounting efficiency in mind, here are four apps that all accountants need.

1. On the Go Accounting With CloudOn (Free, iOS and Android)

Whether it’s off-season or you’re in the midst of tax season, productivity is key to staying up to speed with accounting duties. The CloudOn app allows you to access and manage all of your Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets from your smart phone.

With CloudOn, you can collaborate and safely share financial documents with your colleagues and clients. You can also access any Microsoft Office and Adobe documents in your cloud account. In other words, the CloudOn app makes your office mobile, which increases your productivity whether you’re at your desk or not.

2. Problem-Free Paperwork With Scanner Pro ($6.99, iOS)

Between all of your clients and all the signatures required for certain tax documents, you probably collect hundreds of signed pieces of paperwork during tax season. The Scanner Pro app allows you to take crisp, clear photos of any signed tax documents with your smart phone and upload them to your desktop or Dropbox.

These aren’t just any photos, but rather high quality document photographs that are automatically cropped and sized. This means you can keep track of all those signed 1090 and 1040EZ forms for your own reference, or photo-scan and email important forms to your clients.

3. Note Taking Made Easy With Evernote (Free, iOS and Android)

Whether you’re in a client meeting or a hectic office meeting, efficient note taking can oftentimes be the difference between successfully getting the job done and missing the mark altogether. The Evernote app takes the pencil-pushing guesswork out of taking notes by automatically managing your notes from one meeting to the next.

With Evernote, you can record the speaker’s voice, edit text and audio notes, digitize handwritten notes, and sync your notes across all of your devices. Even better, you can organize and manage all the notes you take by creating categorized notebooks and convenient tabs.

4. Optimized Scheduling With Fantastical 2 ($4.99, iOS)

If you’re the type of CPA who has numerous appointments every day, then your smartphone’s built-in calendar probably can’t handle your busy schedule. The Fantastical 2 app allows you to manage all of your appointments, tasks, daily routines, and events in a single, easy-to-use calendar.

Not only does Fantastical 2 sync all of your existing calendar events and reminders into one convenient place, the app also includes an extended keyboard so you can quickly enter names and dates without having to switch between the letter, number, and symbol keys.

When you’re ready to get your accounting world under control, these apps will make your work life and your personal life easier.