2019 Accounting Trends You Need to Know

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Infographic Summary:

Technology is changing the face of many careers. In the field of accounting, flexibility and technical skills reap career benefits for professionals.

Career Outlook for Accounting

Over the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expect higher-than-average growth in accounting-related careers.

  • 7% growth in all occupations
  • 10% growth in accounting careers

4 Factors that Drive Accounting Career Growth:

  • Technology: Demand is rising in analytical and advisory responsibilities
  • Tax and Regulatory Complexities: Growing intricacies require oversight by well-informed professionals
  • Economic Health: The next decade is projected to grow faster than the previous 10 years
  • Globalization: Accounting proficiency will be needed in international mergers, acquisitions, and trade

Developing the Skills for Sustained Advancement:

  • Creative
  • Technical skills & Ethics
  • Experience
  • Digital
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Vision
  • Intelligence

Students can begin to learn these skills at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business.

Career Trends in Accounting

Accounting careers are thriving with new technology, thanks to big data, analysis tools, and workplace efficiencies.

  • Investment Accountant: Investors still value human advice highly
  • Strategic Planner: Analysis tools allow for insights from real-time data
  • Tax Specialist: Advanced tax software reduces margins of error and helps clients avoid penalties
  • Risk Management Specialist: Risk analysis on technological processes has become imperative for organizations

Technology keeps changing the future of accounting, and forging new career paths for those with technical proficiencies – to learn more, view the below infographic by UAB’s Collat School of Business online:

Infographic Sources:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics Projections

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2019 Accounting Career Trends You Need To Know Infographic

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