Number Fun: Counting Activities for Kids

Number Fun: Counting Activities for Kids

Numbers and math can be a challenging topic for children to learn at a young age. It is important to find ways to teach them these skills in a way that is fun and understandable for them. Numbers are the foundation for all aspects of math and money in life, so it is important to grasp these concepts before moving forward on to other topics. If a child is struggling with these ideas, here is a list of fun games and activities to help children learn the concept of numbers, counting, math, and money.

123 Games

Explore the world of numbers with characters from PBS’s television shows in some fun an easy children games.

Free Online Number Games

Use these free online number games to learn recognition, counting, and comparing numbers.

Playdough to Plato

This list has twenty great hands-on games for children that makes learning about reading, writing, and understanding numbers fun.

ABCYa Counting Games

Counting games for kindergarten aged children which includes a fun interactive birthday cake candle counting game.

Counting Games

This site starts with simple counting games for youngsters. Then works it’s way up to counting a maximum of 15 objects in a game. The games help teach children about matching and sequencing numbers.

Apps and Games That Teach Kids About Numbers

This list has not only fun number games for children, but also some helpful mobile apps that will help children about numbers and counting as well.

15 Innovative Number Games and Activities for Kindergarten Kids

These games and activities are both fun and educational teaching kindergarten children about numbers and math to prepare them for their teen years dealing with algebra and trigonometry.

Adapted Mind Math Games

Start by choosing a grade or age and this site will provide you with fun educational games to help teach children about math concepts and numbers.

Number and Counting Games for ESL Kids

Kids who have English as their second language can learn numbers and math through these lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, songs, games, and crafts.

Activity Village Number Games

Kids can enjoy learning about counting numbers and math with these fun and unique games and activities.

Soft Schools Counting Games

These games will help children learn how to count numbers from 1 to 100, addition, subtraction, and counting backwards.

Games to Teach Your Kids Letters and Numbers

This site encourages parents to let their children use their screen time for learning early letter and number skills by giving them a list of games and apps to help teach them the necessary skills.

Funbrain Math Games

Use these games, books, and movies to help children learn basic math concepts.

Math Playground

This site has games and activities designed to give your brain a workout and learn about math concepts.

Primary Games

From pre-school to middle school this site has fun and easy number and math games designed for all ages.

Ducksters Education Site

Have your child play these math games to learn valuable skills while having a great time doing it.

ABC Mouse

Math games and activities that will help children ages 2-8 learn about recognizing numbers, putting them in order, and using them with math.

Splash Math

The complete list of fun and educational math games and activities for children in grades K-5.

Knowledge Adventure

These educational math games allow children to work with math outside of the classroom enabling them to have fun while they are doing it and finding math less difficult.

The Measured Mom

These games give you the best of both worlds. They help children learn essential math skills while getting them up and moving to stay active.

Free Math Games for Kids

Room Recess provides free online math games for children to learn in a fun and engaging way.

4 Dice Math Games for Kids

Care Community gives us 4 easy and fun games to sharpen children’s math skills with just dice.

20 Engaging, Skill-Building Math Games for Kids

A list of 20 children games that can be played with or without a computer to enrich your math skills.

Uno Flip

This card game teaches children math equations and time tables with a twist on a familiar card game.

Free Multiplication Math Games

Practice your times tables and learn multiplication skills with these fun and free math games.

ZapZap Math

This site has a variety of educational math games including fun fraction puzzles.

Counting Money Games

Use these fun and free math games to learn how to count money and reinforce basic math skills.

25 Fun Money Activities for Kids

These fun money activities will make the struggle of learning math and money skills more bearable. Some of the activities include magic tricks, playing with slime, and games.

Money Tree

Use this free interactive game to pick coins off the money tree and count the values of them.

11 Money Games for Teaching Kids Finance Skills

These fun money games will allow children to learn math and money concepts throughout different stages in their life.

Free Printable Money Matching Game

Print out this fun money matching game to help children learn about coins, dollars, and financial skills.

6 Fun Games that Teach Your Kids about Money

A list of 6 fun games that teach your child about saving, investing, and spending money wisely.

Games for Kids

Washington State Department of Financial Institution lists fun games that will help your child learn math and money concepts.

Board Games that Teach Money Concepts

A list of familiar board games and how they can teach your children money skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Kids Making Change

These 11 exciting money games will help teach children about basic money concepts while having fun.

Kids Guide to Money

Try these fun counting and math activities to help teach children money skills.


​Teach children money concepts and how to make change with this fun interactive mobile app.

Digital Tools that Teach Kids about Money

A list of 7 free video games that teach children financial skills.

The Money Game

This fun money game helps teach children how to save, invest, and other important financial skills.

A Kids Guide to Money and Currency

This site will help children learn about the history of money, currency, and play fun financial games and activities.</


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