Course Descriptions

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Management Information System Core Courses

IS 611 — Information Technology & Business Strategy— 3 hours
Explore the intersection between IT and business strategy. Cover topics, concepts, and terminology related to strategy formulation, innovation, and competitive advantage in organizations.

IS 612 — IT Governance & Management — 3 hours
Learn about IT governance and various IT governance frameworks. Gain an advanced understanding of various IT governance frameworks, their application in an organizational setting, and the managerial issues associated with different governance structures.

IS 613 — Information Security Management — 3 hours
Examine key security management issues, including security concepts, technology policy development, and information resource management.

IS 615 — Social Media and Virtual Communities — 3 hours
Learn how social media and virtual communities are changing business in fundamental ways. Gain practical social media skills, such as how to use new social media tools, how to use filters to make sense of social media, and how to curate news and reports in a manner that contributes to business knowledge and intellect.

IS 617 — Introduction to Business Intelligence — 3 hours
Explore topics in knowledge management and business intelligence from an organizational IT perspective. Discuss the nature of knowledge, knowledge discovery, generation, capture, transfer, sharing, and application.

IS 618 — Technology Based Project Management — 3 hours
Build your foundation for the management and successful execution of IT-based projects by examining learning objectives. Study the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge to prepare to take the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam.

Information Security Concentration

IS 620 — Attack and Penetration — 3 hours
Explore concepts in network vulnerability from a hacker’s perspective. Learn about the latest cutting-edge attacks. Discuss legal issues associated with computer network attacks and learn how to design, build, and operate network systems to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

IS 621 — Incident Response & Business Continuity — 3 hours
Gain the knowledge necessary to prepare for and respond to computer security incidents. Topics include incident response preparation, detection, reaction, recovery, maintenance, computer-related disaster recovery, and business continuity planning.

IS 622 — CISSP I — 3 hours
Prepare for the challenging security exam CISSP by exploring the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) syllabus. This course covers the first 5 CISSP domain areas.

IS 623 — CISSP II — 3 hours
Prepare for the challenging security exam CISSP by exploring the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) syllabus. This course covers the second 5 CISSP domain areas.

IT Management Concentration

IS 640 — Technology Planning & Capital Budgeting — 3 hours
Cover essential IT management techniques and metrics that IT managers should be familiar with, such as measuring return on IT investments, categories of IT investments, defining and quantifying expected benefits, managing the IT investment portfolio, and budgeting for IT expenditures.

IS 641 — Leadership in IT — 3 hours
Prepare for leadership roles in IT-related careers by developing the knowledge, skills, and foundation necessary to be effective in organizational settings, and develop an understanding of the components that make leaders successful.